12 Daytes (Days + Dates) of Christmas

This free printable 12 Dates of Christmas is the perfect frugal Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for your husband, wife, or partner.

When Phillip and I first got married, we were really poor.

I was a teacher on FMLA because I was on a feeding tube due to medication-induced pancreatitis, and Phillip was in his last year of undergrad.

Even though we were doing our best to live frugally – like only spending $40 per week on groceries and having a monthly meal plan – there just wasn’t enough money for big purchases.

Even after Phillip graduated from college and started his first job, money was tight. My severe Crohn’s disease meant a lot of medical bills, and our first child was born shortly after purchasing our first house.

I was doing my best to make Christmas special, but also not spend much money on Christmas gifts.

One day, as I was thinking of what I could do (and browing Pinterest), I came across the idea of doing the 12 days of Christmas – but instead of days, have them be dates.

My health made it too difficult to get out much (as did having a five month old baby, no money, and only one car), but I knew we might be able to get out once a month!

Thus, the 12 Day-tes (Days + Dates) of Christmas were born.

Christmas Date Ideas

On each of the 12 days of Christmas, you’ll give your sweetheart the corresponding date that you’ll go on during the upcoming year. Or, if you’d rather, you can gift all 12 dates at once in a stocking or under the tree as a present.

You can check out these frugal date ideas, or you can do some of these that tie in with the original 12 days of Christmas below.

The free printables are at the bottom of the post below the 12th day’s ideas.

1st day of Christmas: partridge in a pear tree (January)

  • Paint a still life of a bowl of pears.
  • Challenge each other to a pear dessert bake-off.
  • Make plans to plant a pear tree together.

2nd day of Christmas: turtle doves (February)

  • Attend a live bird show or falconry demonstration.
  • Learn about turtle doves and why they are the symbol of love. Then make homemade chocolate turtles together.
  • Visit an aviary.

3rd day of Christmas: french hens (March)

  • Take a cooking class that includes chicken, or make a delicious poultry dish.
  • Visit a petting zoo with chickens.
  • Watch a French film together.
  • Learn a French dance like the waltz or can-can, then be silly and do the chicken dance.

4th day of Christmas: calling birds (April)

5th day of Christmas: golden rings (May)

  • Take a jewelry-making class.
  • Go antique shopping for vintage jewelry.
  • Try on costume jewelry at a thrift store.
  • Create a ring-inspired playlist and have a dance party.

6th day of Christmas: geese a-laying (June)

  • Visit a waterfowl sanctuary or wetland area to observe geese.
  • Have a lakeside picnic and watch geese swim by.
  • Cook a meal together using duck or goose as the main ingredient.
  • Explore the history of geese in mythology and folklore.

7th day of Christmas: swans a-swimming (July)

  • Spend a romantic day at a local swimming pool or spa.
  • Go paddle boating or rowing on a swan-themed boat.
  • Attend a ballet performance of “Swan Lake.”
  • Try your hand at origami and create paper swans together.

8th day of Christmas: maids a-milking (August)

  • Visit a working dairy farm and learn about milking cows.
  • Take a cheese-making class together, or make butter or yogurt at home.
  • Create your own ice cream flavors and have an ice cream party.
  • Volunteer at a local food bank or dairy-related charity.

9th day of Christmas: ladies dancing (September)

  • Take a dance class together, such as salsa, tango, or ballroom.
  • Host a dance-off at home with your favorite music.
  • Plan a movie night featuring dance-themed films.
  • Attend a cultural festival with traditional dances.

10th day of Christmas: lords a-leaping (October)

  • Attend a gymnastics or acrobatics show together.
  • Take a trampoline fitness class or visit a trampoline park.
  • Go to the circus or other live performance with acrobratic acts.
  • Try your hand at simple gymnastic or yoga moves at home.

11th day of Christmas: pipers piping (November)

  • Attend a traditional Celtic music performance, or other live concert with pipe instruments like bagpipes or the organ.
  • Create your own pipe instrument using household items.
  • Take a music lesson and try your hand at playing the bagpipes or another pipe instrument.
  • Visit a historical site or museum with pipe organ exhibits.

12th day of Christmas: drummers drumming (December)

  • Attend a drumming workshop or take drummer lessons.
  • Host a drum circle with friends at a local park or beach.
  • Create your own makeshift percussion instruments and jam together.
  • Attend a concert where percussion instruments are the main attraction, or listen to percussion music as you go for a romantic drive.

Free Printable 12 Dates of Christmas

You can either print the PDF or download the images. Or, if you want to edit them, you can use this Canva link.

And if you like the idea of doing the 12 days of Christmas for someone, check out this free printable 12 days of Christmas for a neighbor.


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