19 Fun Summer Water Activities for Kids

It’s summertime!! This means the sun, the beach, the pool – everything water-related! Get the feel of the beach or the pool in your own backyard with these fun summer activities for kids that include water.

There are plenty of fun summer water activities for kids to keep them busy, while creating long lasting memories as a family! Get the feel of the beach or the kiddie pool in your own backyard with these fun summer activities for kids that include water!

Think everything from having fun with water balloons and spray bottles with an inflatable swimming pool in the backyard, to a classic egg and spoon race and more fun things to do on hot summer days this year.

You know, summer break is always so much fun when it begins! However, after a few weeks, it can quickly go south as the novelty of freedom wears off and boredom sets in. We live in Houston, and the summers get really hot at this time of year. We try to send the kids outside to play, but even at 8am it’s too hot and humid! They always want to go to the splash pad or the pool, but with Tiffany’s Crohn’s disease, she’s not always able to do that.

And if they get burned out from that, we also love reading these books for kids about summer. It’s perfect for rainy days or when it’s just too hot to go outside.

Whatever your plans are this summer, we hope you have a great time spending it with your family and loved ones! You might like to check out my Popsicle Recipes to keep kids cool this summer too!

Summer Activities for Kids with Water

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  1. Thanks for the fun summer ideas! I have tried the ice cube water experiment with my kids. They loved it! Going to try the glow stick pool party!

  2. These activities are going to keep my grandson entertained. It has been almost 4 months and we are still on quarantine. As much as he loves playing with water, these activities will be so much fun to do after he is done with his online classroom learning for the day.

  3. You have so many good ideas! I have been looking for some fun outdoor activities to entertain the kids this summer. I am having our carpets professionally cleaned next week so I need something fun for the kids to do in the backyard while the cleaners are here haha. Thanks for sharing!!!

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