19 Summer Water Activities for Kids

It’s summertime!! This means the sun, the beach, the pool – everything water-related! Get the feel of the beach or the pool in your own backyard with these fun summer activities for kids that include water.

Lego Water Table

How much fun would this be on warm spring and summer days? Prep this Lego Water Table for your kids the day before and let them play all afternoon.

DIY Water Wall

Kick off your summer play in your backyard or at science camp with a homemade pool noodle water wall! This DIY water wall is very easy to make with just a few simple materials.

Tie Dye Shirts with Water Guns

Painting shirts with water guns to create a tie dye t-shirt is a blast. Learn how to tie dye shirts with water guns with this easy step by step tutorial with food coloring, using inexpensive spray bottles.

Water Balloon Pinata

 Water balloon piñatas are a fun summer water balloon game for kids of all ages—even adults! It's perfect for summer picnics, family reunions, birthday parties, home, school, or camp.

Pool Noodle Boats

These pirate pool noodle boats are such a fun way to make a DIY water toy that kids will love. All you need is a pool noodle and a few other supplies to make these adorable pirate ships.

DIY Edible Water Beads

Water beads are little micro beads that swell when placed in water. They’re excellent for sensory play! Even better, these homemade ones are edible!  You'll never guess what they're made from.

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