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Fun Summer Activities for Kids

by Tiffany
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Looking for fun activities to do with your kids this summer?  Check out this roundup of fun activities your children can do during the summer break!

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Sidewalk Paint Rockets

A science experiment, crowd pleaser, and boredom buster all in one! These sidewalk paint rockets splatter colorful bursts of chalk paint on the ground and clean up with water! This post contains an affiliate link.

DIY Bean Bag Toss Outdoor Game

Here’s a DIY bean bag toss game using clay saucers and a printable. This bean bag game is easy to assemble and you’ll have a blast!  This bean bag game is SO easy to assemble and you’ll be having a lot of fun in minutes! Children can help make this too, before they play.

DIY Tic Tac Toe Tag Game

It’s fast-paced and highly entertaining for both the players and the spectators.  nd the best part is you can get the kids in on the action of making them and they have an added bonus of being inexpensive to make!  This game is such a blast to watch because in the middle of the kids racing, you have multiple minds trying to strategize a game to win, but they also need to be fast.

Backyard Obstacle Course

Create a Surprisingly Easy Backyard Obstacle Course!  Make a American Ninja Warrior-esque obstacle course and time your kids as they complete it to make it more fun.  The beauty of the backyard obstacle course is that you can use just about anything that you have to make this more challenging and FUN.

Easy Homemade Bubble Solution

Mix a quick batch of this three-ingredient homemade bubble solution for summer fun all season long!  Here’s a quick recipe for an easy homemade bubble solution to make loads of perfectly poppable bubbles!

Sidewalk Chalk Outdoor Math Game

Now that spring is finally here and the pollen is (somewhat) subsiding, most kids kids have been itching to get outdoors!  With this easy sidewalk chalk outdoor math game, your active kids can get some arithmetic practice done while moving!

Giant Jenga Yard Game

If you have ever wanted to make a giant Jenga style yard game, you’re in the right place!  Giant jenga (or as some might call it life size jenga) is the perfect yard game to play outside at BBQs, picnics or family get togethers!  It’s a great beginner woodworking project and it’s super affordable, too (less than 10!). It also makes a great gift for outdoor, BBQ and tail gating enthusiasts.

And you can see the best outdoor Jenga games here!

Balloon Tennis

Balloon Tennis is a fun and easy activity for all ages. It only takes a couple of supplies to create the rackets and then you can let the fun begin!

Colorful Squirt Gun Painting

Squirt gun painting is a thrilling summer art experience for kids and is the ultimate boredom buster!  If squirt guns aren’t your thing, use plastic spray bottles! They work just as well.

Swing Painting Activity for Kids

Wondering how to keep the kids occupied all summer long?   Swing Painting is super fun and the perfect summer activity for kids of all ages.  This actually ends up being good exercise for the kids, too! They’ll have to control how hard they’re swinging.

Huge Outdoor Chalkboard

Need a fun idea to keep your kids busy in the backyard? This giant outdoor chalkboard is the perfect addition to your back fence, and the kids are guaranteed to love it!  If you have a kid, you’ll know that chalk is always a huge hit.

Under the Sea Ocean Slime

This blue and glittery, borax-free, under the sea ocean slime is a fun DIY sensory activity perfect for the summer months.  You know those rainy summer days when all the kids want to do it go outside and play. This ocean slime activity is great to keep the children entertained while stuck inside.

Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course

A new favorite summer activity is making a sidewalk chalk obstacle course. It’s a great low prep gross motor activity that toddlers and preschoolers love to do over and over.  You can continue to keep it fresh and fun every time you do it.  Of course, if you have older kids you can make it harder and they’ll still want to do it. They might have fun designing it!

Puffy Sidewalk Paint

Kids love sidewalk chalk because it’s a fun activity for kids (and adults) of all ages to do outside. This puffy sidewalk paint recipe only requires a few materials and it’s such a clever spin on the traditional store-bought sidewalk chalk. Kids will love painting with this DIY sidewalk paint this summer!

DIY Pool Noodle Games- No Water Needed

Sure the intrinsic nature of a pool noodle is fun and games. But how about without using water!? Here are a few Pool Noodle Games that don’t call for a pool!  These games are great for inside OR outside during the hot summer months!

Screen Free Coding Activity with Chalk

This is a super fun (and silly!) activity to get kids thinking about the problem-solving skills needed to code. Teaching kids to code starts with the very basics. Preschoolers and early elementary school kids can start to apply the basic concepts of programming. This activity is great for kids age 4+!

Bubble Painting

This bubble painting activity is amazing for kids of all ages. It’s super easy to set up and costs very little to create. You can also do it with groups of kids so it would make a great craft for parties or playdates.

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