20 Inspiring Summer Activities For Kids You’ll Love

Looking for fun summer activities for kids? You’ll love my guide, filled with fun summer activities for a hot summer day. Think summer crafts, a summer reading program, and lots of fun adventures for the entire family including younger kids and older kids.

So to help with that, we’ve come up with this list of fun activities kids can do at home to keep them entertained, both indoors and outdoors. Expect to read about how to spend quality time together as a family including watching a family movie, finding local bowling alleys, how to have fun at an outdoor play area, finding fun things to do in your backyard, how to set up a classic lemonade stand and even how to get your kids excited about taking part in science experiments.

Need a few ideas free summer activities? Check out my article 32 Cheap and Free Summer Activities for Kids to help you plan a summer like no other.

And if they get burned out from that, we also love reading these books for kids about summer. It’s perfect for rainy days or when it’s just too hot to go outside.

Whatever your plans are, we hope you have a great time spending it with your family and loved ones!

Summer Activities for Kids

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Summer Activities for Kids Using Water

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Summer Activities for Kids

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