45 Fun and Free Ideas on How To Entertain Kids When They Are Stuck At Home

Looking for free ways how to entertain kids when they are stuck at home? Here are 45 free and frugal activities your children to do when they’re in the house and can’t socialize with friends.

Hi everyone, I’m Rachel, and Tiffany is letting me write this guest post here.

Parenting is hard work, let alone having to keep your children entertained too. Keeping your children occupied and having fun can put a huge dent in your bank account if you aren’t paying close attention.

So to keep your bank balance healthy and your children entertained here is a list of 45 free and frugal ways to entertain your kids for when they turn to you and say “I’m bored”.

One fun idea is these 30 FREE Easy Origami Tutorial Ideas for Kids.

Free ideas to entertain your kids

Entertaining kids at home can be both a joyful and challenging task, especially when the usual outdoor activities are limited. Whether it’s a rainy day, school break, or just a quiet weekend indoors, there are countless ways to keep children engaged, stimulated, and smiling without having to step out the door. From creative crafts to interactive games and educational activities, the key is to tap into their imagination and curiosity.

In this guide, we’ll explore a variety of fun and enriching activities tailored to different ages and interests, ensuring that being stuck at home transforms into an opportunity for endless adventures and memorable moments for both you and your little ones.



Dust off those board games and puzzles for hours of fun and entertainment to entertain kids. If you don’t have any that are age-appropriate you can always have your children create their own. It’s a great free idea to entertain your kids!

Some great two-player games can be found in our post Best Games for Married Couples (or Two People.


Children have fantastic imaginations and love to tell stories. Why not write them down or draw them? If you have felt material in a sewing box you could even use that too.

Some kids struggle with story ideas, so this post with drawing ideas for kids can help.

a-little-boy-wearing-helmet-go-for a-bike-ride-45-fun-and-free-ideas-on-how-to-entertain-kids-when-they-are-stuck-at-home


Jump on your bikes and go for a tour of your neighborhood. Or find some nature trails to hike. The fresh air will do you all some good, and hopefully wear your children out enough for a day nap or a long night’s sleep!


Throw some sandwiches and snacks into a cooler and take off for a picnic. Find a new local park, lake, river, beach, mountain, or even your backyard! If the weather is a bit dicey then throw a picnic rug down on the living room floor and have a picnic inside. The children will love it.



There are so many fun, simple art projects, and craft activities you can do using various household items and objects or a well-stocked craft cupboard. You are only limited by your imagination (and budget)!

  • Use your recyclables such as big boxes to make cars or boats, toilet rolls, egg cartons for bridges, binoculars, dragons, dinosaurs, and rain sticks. The list goes on.


Kids love to get into the kitchen and help bake. Cook up a batch of cookies and then have fun decorating them with colored icing or differently shaped cookie cutters, make gingerbread men or have a pizza-making competition. There are so many possibilities if you don’t mind a bit of mess in the kitchen.


If the weather is keeping you inside then grab your spare linen, couch cushions, and pillows and build a fort or tent inside. You can put all your children’s favorite stuffed animals and teddies inside and they can snuggle up and read books or tell stories in there. You could even have a picnic inside your cozy tent. And then do these 35 Camping Activities and Crafts for Kids!


What child doesn’t love chasing bubbles? You can make your bubble mixture and use your hands to blow them. Your children will love getting wet and seeing who can blow the biggest bubble or funniest shape!


Use any scraps of paper and teach your children how to make paper airplanes (YouTube and Pinterest are great for this). You can even turn it into a competition to see who can throw theirs the furthest, or who can create the smallest paper airplane.



Grab your sidewalk chalk, and hit the pavement. Draw hopscotch, snakes, ladders, or anything else your child desires. It is a great way to keep your children entertained, without having to store all that artwork after. Your children will also get a hit out of hosing it all off after.

One way to get kids to learn about the neighborhood involved is with this fun chalk scavenger hunt!


Hitting up a local park and getting some fresh air is always a sure way to entertain the children. They can run off their excess energy whilst you sit back with your feet up. It’s the best thing and the perfect free idea to entertain your kids.


Local libraries are a great source of entertainment for families at NO cost! You can borrow books, movies, or games. Most libraries will also offer FREE fun and interactive storytime sessions, just ask them and they should have a program available.


You can create your scavenger hunt in your backyard or inside. You as parents can make it as easy or as hard as you like, depending on the ages of your children. Simple clues, complex clues, or even missions they have to complete for the next clue will keep them occupied and having fun.

One way to get kids to start the neighborhood involved is with this fun chalk scavenger hunt!


Blast some music and have a dance party to entertain kids! The best part is all that energy they burn off. It’s a super fun, free idea to entertain your kids, and it’s guaranteed to put smiles on their faces while keeping them active and happy.


Playdough is always a winner. Whether you make your own or have some store-bought, crack it open and let the children at it. Give them different kitchen utensils and they will be occupied for hours, or at least long enough for you to enjoy a hot cup of tea.

a-father-with-kids-planting-in a- garden-45-fun-and-free-ideas-on-how-to-entertain-kids-when-they-are-stuck-at-home


Children love getting dirty, so why not turn that into a positive and get them to help out in the garden? Whether it your child is pulling weeds, planting new flowers, or digging over a garden they will get a thrill from getting their hands dirty and helping out.

If you’re starting a garden, make sure you check out these 6 tips to remove harmful insects.


It is always handy for little ones to have a box of dress-up clothes on hand! You can scout your local second-hand stores for clothes, shoes, hats, scarves, and jewelry to keep the cost down. It’s a great frugal and free idea to entertain your kids.


Throw a picnic rug out on the lawn and go cloud gazing. Make up your own stories about what you can see in the clouds. Is that a rabbit? And look, there is his best friend the elephant! It’s a whimsical and imaginative activity that sparks creativity and encourages storytelling.


There are so many possibilities when you allow your child room to grow their imagination.

Give them a washing basket and they can turn it into a boat sailing through the sea, or a racing car speeding around the track. Some kitchen chairs can be turned into a train, and toddlers make their teddies into a classroom or elementary school full of children.

One of our favorite make-believe ways to play is with these fantastic LEGO ideas


You can use construction paper or light cardboard from your recycling like cereal boxes to make kites. The children will have so much fun decorating them with paint and markers before racing outside to fly them, enjoying the thrill of seeing their creations soar in the sky. It’s a simple and inexpensive activity that combines creativity from craft projects with outdoor fun!

Vacationing Family at Beach


Pack a picnic lunch and some snacks and head down to the beach for the day. It’s an easy and free idea to entertain your kids, allowing them to play in the sand and splash in the waves. Plus, you can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while making unforgettable memories together.


If you have some fishing rods, this is a great way to spend the day out by a lake or river with friends and your children. Don’t forget to pack some lunch and snacks to enjoy while you wait for the fish to bite. It’s a relaxing and enjoyable activity that allows for quality time together in nature.

two-boys-playing-water gun-fight-45-fun-and-free-ideas-on-how-to-entertain-kids-when-they-are-stuck-at-home


Use water balloons, pistols, cups, and sponges to throw water all around the house for hours and hours of fun! This is a great free idea to entertain your kids, keeping them active and cool during hot summer days. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to bond as a family and create lasting memories together!


Use your costume box and let your children write and act out a play. It’s a fantastic way for older kids to spark their creativity and imagination while providing hours of entertainment. We love this free idea to entertain your younger kids, and encourage their storytelling skills!



If you have a lot of boxes for recycling why not build a box house? Let your children decorate it with markers and paint and put their favorite toys inside and you may just have some time to enjoy yourself.


If you have washable window makers this is a great activity to keep your children amused. Although it may take some strict supervision to make sure they don’t write anywhere else with the markers.


This is great to do inside or outside depending on the weather. You can make jumps, balancing beams, crawl spaces, and tunnels to keep your children entertained. You can even give out prizes for the fastest times, or personal bests over the day.


Don’t let wet weather keep you cooped up inside! Throw on your raincoats and gumboots and go splashing in the puddles, build mud pies in your mud kitchen, or explore in the backyard. Continue the warm water fun with a bubble bath afterward.


Always a favorite with children, hide and seek! Again you can play this inside or outside depending on the weather. Great free idea to entertain your kids.


If you are lucky enough to have a sandpit in your backyard this can provide hours of entertainment for children. They can play with their cars, trucks, dinosaurs, and other various toys and kitchen utensils like sieves and bowls in the sand.




Teach your children how to make shadow puppets and then sit back as their imagination runs wild! It’s the perfect free idea to entertain your kids while encouraging creativity and storytelling. Plus, it’s a great way for older kids to bond with younger kids and create memories together as a family.


If your children are old enough, hold a cleaning competition. This is a great idea because it will tick off some of your chores and keep the younger children busy! Plus, it can instill a sense of responsibility and encourage teamwork in them.


Stick the colored duct tape to the carpet or floor to make racetracks for hours of amusement. Let your kids unleash their creativity as they design and race their toy cars along the tracks. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to provide endless entertainment for little ones!


Grab a huge mixing bowl, or even throw your children into the bathtub, and fill it with toys for some water play. Let their imaginations run wild as they splash around and explore in this aquatic adventure!



Go outside and throw or kick a ball around, play basketball, football, soccer, cricket, or tennis. Whatever you have the equipment for. You can even set up different sports drills and physical exercises in your backyard, like soccer dribbling practice.


Or a fairy garden, jungle animal garden, teddy bear garden! Have your child explore your backyard for rocks, dirt, leaves, grass, and sticks. Put it in a little space of your garden and let them arrange their very own toy animal garden.



Set up your tent in the backyard, complete with sleeping bags, camping chairs, and a fire (if allowed). You can have a campout without spending a dime or leaving the house. You can also add to the fun with these 40 tin foil dinner recipes.


This is another great way to lighten the load for you whilst entertaining the children. Give them buckets of empty dish soap and sponges and point them in the direction of your car – a great free idea to entertain your kids during the summer.


Put a big pot outside with some water and have your children mix up a witch’s spell! They can put sticks, leaves, mud, rocks, sand, dirt and grass. They can use big sticks to stir it whilst casting their spells. Bonus points for having them make their own witch’s hats beforehand!


Buy cheap shaving cream and make a sensory tray with it. They can use their hands, paintbrushes, sticks, food coloring, or straws to move it around and make different patterns. It is a fantastic activity to entertain your children if you don’t mind some mess.


For something so simple you can do so much with ice cubes! You can have your children freeze ice cubes with different colored food dye, glitter, and other embellishments.

Once they are frozen they can use them to paint with! Or you can put ice cubes into a bowl with a spoon and let your children try picking them up and playing with them or make ice castles with them. They can have an ice and spoon race. 

Super versatile and guaranteed entertainment.



Children love making music. If you have instruments at home, perfect! If not you could try making your own:


Once again turn to your trusty recyclables for containers that are waterproof and grab some supplies from your craft cupboard so your children can fashion some boats. You can have them go to a local river, lake, or beach to test them out, or even just the bathtub at home.


Have your children (or child) pretend to be the doctor whilst you get to lie on the couch and be the patient. They have to look, listen, and feel to diagnose you. The best part…sleep is the only medicine that will cure you!

Keep this list handy so that the next time you are scrambling for ideas on how to entertain your children without it costing an arm and a leg you can use one, or more, of these ideas. They are simple, yet effective and generally don’t take too much planning. Hopefully, the above fun activities will help burn off any excess energy, providing for a good night’s sleep!

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  1. Great ideas! I love especially board games and that is something I use a lot with kids as I’m working as a special education teacher. So many things to learn through playing!

  2. What a great list! We are playing a lot of doctor and patient over here these days. My goal is to try the obstacle course idea right away!

  3. I always need a good list of things to do with my little boy. He’s always looking for new ways to be entertained! Definitely saving this list for future use! Thanks girl!

  4. The summer is just beginning and the usual refrain of “I’m bored” is sure to ring out loud. I’ll keep these in mind as I slowly lose my mind and I only have one child to keep entertained.

    1. Haha, I feel you! Although sometimes one kid is harder – with more than one, they can play with each other.

  5. I have tried a few of these, like painting with colored ice and dance offs, but there are many great ideas. I think I will copy them down and put them in a bored jar. One of my favorite activities i did not see was different types of charades. One day, we acted out songs with out music, like I’m a Little Teapot, or YMCA, and had to guess them. We do that with humming or whistling as well.
    I really appreciate this comprehensive list as summer approaches.

  6. I love these ideas. It’s so easy to think we have to get the kids out the house which usually leads to some money being spent but there is so much that can be done in your own home or garden.

    Thank you for sharing x

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