30 Free Easy Origami Tutorials for Kids They Will Absolutely Love!

Check out this roundup list of easy origami tutorials children can make! Your kids will love these simple origami ideas.

Hi guys. This is Phillip, and I have some free easy origami tutorial ideas for your kids to do.

When I was in college, my younger brother (who was about 10 years old) contracted E. coli. It had a really rare effect where it shut down his kidneys.

He had to be life-lighted from the little town we lived into Seattle, where he was in a coma for several weeks.

Thankfully, he eventually recovered, but it was a very long and difficult process. He spent a lot of time in bed, which is where he started to learn how to do origami.

Origami is a great activity for children to do when the weather isn’t cooperating or they need to be still and rest for a while. It develops their fine motor skills, as well as their spatial awareness. It’s great when they get tired of LEGO activities.

I want to get our kids more involved with origami, so I’ve put together this list of simple origami ideas that kids can make. As an engineer, I love giving my children things they can do with their hands.

And since they love reading, these origami bookmark corners are where I first started. Then we moved on to watch the origami tutorials below.

I hope your family finds it as useful as mine will!

Simple Origami Tutorial Ideas for Kids

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