Elmo Potty Training Chart Free Printable

A free printable Elmo potty training chart for kids and toddlers who are learning how to use the potty and are toilet training.

Recently, we decided it was time for our third child to be potty trained. He is almost three years old, and he was showing all of the signs that he was ready to learn how to use the toilet, including:

  • Having a dry diaper for more than two hours on their own
  • Telling you when they need to be changed
  • Finding a certain spot to poop or pee privately
  • Is older than 18 months of age
  • Able to pull their own shorts down and up again
  • Appears interested in wearing underwear
  • Can follow simple instructions

Usually when we potty train kids (which we’ve done for our own, as well as our foster kids), we let them run around without a diaper on for a few days, then introduce training underpants. For some reason, though, it wasn’t quite clicking with this child.

I finally gave in and read the book Potty Training in 3 Days: The Step-by-Step Plan for a Clean Break from Dirty Diapers by Brandi Brucks.

I was very surprised at many of the things Brandi in her book suggested, including putting kiddos in underpants from the first day, instead of running around without clothes.

Doubtful, I decided to give it a try – and it worked!

We also followed her suggestions to not use a little potty chair, but instead we replaced our toilet seats with a built-in insert – only after he fell into the toilet TWICE on two different occasions.

Now, with those inserts and these stools, our two year old can get on and off the potty all by himself!

Another suggestion she had in the book was to not just reward with a small treat (we chose M&Ms), but also use a sticker rewards chart.

Since our son was also watching the Elmo’s Potty Time movie, I decided to make him an Elmo potty chart that he could put star stickers on each time he successfully used the potty. Even though Sesame Street isn’t one of the educational tv shows for my kids, this movie is perfect for potty training.

The reward for filling the chart was five tickets from the Do-Dots system to use in our family store.

I wanted to share it for any other Elmo-loving kids out there!

Free Printable Elmo Potty Training Chart

Here’s my free Elmo potty training chart for you. You can just save the image and print it, or you can download it as a PDF.

You may also want to check out this free printable Daniel Tiger potty training tracker, too.

A free printable Elmo potty training chart for kids and toddlers who are learning how to use the potty.

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