5 Must-Have Free Printables for Baptism Treats For Kids

If your child has turned 8 years old and is getting baptized, then here are some cute free printables to go with treats to serve at the baptism.

Hey y’all, Tiffany here with some free printables for treats that you can serve at a baptism!

Our oldest is getting baptized in a few weeks. Our church has asked us to only serve light refreshments. We are also responsible for all of the cleanup afterward.

I’ve been to baptisms where there are a lot of different desserts like brownies, Rice Krispie treats, etc. While that is fun, it also is a lot of work to make them ahead of time and then clean up afterward. With younger children as well, I do not want to spend a lot of time cleaning up the kitchen and having to vacuum any crumbs.

There’s also the fact that COVID is still a thing. Although we can have the baptism in person, I still don’t feel comfortable serving foods that I prepared and that need to be dished out with a lot of hands touching everything.

So I created these free baptism-themed printables that can go with pre-packaged treats. This way there is little cleanup, fewer germs are spread, and I can still provide light refreshments.

I could have purchased some on Etsy, but I never found any that quite fit what I wanted, which is why I decided to create my own.

Free Printables for Baptism Treats

Please feel free to share the link to this blog post for anyone to download the printables themselves for free! I do ask that you not send the downloads directly to someone as an image or PDF. Instead, please just send them the link.

You can right click each picture to download it as a picture, or you can download all of them as a PDF here.

Water Bottle Labels

water bottle Free Printables for Baptism Treats

Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary with our Free Water Bottle Labels, part of our collection of free customizable baptism printables, designed for your baptism celebration. These simple yet personalized free printable labels add a touch of elegance, turning ordinary beverage containers into cherished tokens of the special day. With ease of application, these free printable labels effortlessly convey all the information and significance of the event, contributing to the overall ambiance of your refreshments.

The personalized touch adds sophistication and unity, making each sip from these labeled bottles a subtle yet meaningful connection to the joyous occasion. It’s a simple and impactful way to elevate the spirit of your gathering, turning a basic element into a personalized detail that resonates with the significance of the gift and the baptism celebration.

As you celebrate with these personalized water bottle labels, you’re not just quenching your thirst; you’re adding a layer of thoughtfulness to the entire event. The labels become more than just markers; they become tokens of shared joy and celebration. Each labeled bottle serves as a memento, allowing everyone to carry a piece of the special baptism day along with them.

Gummy Bears

bears for baptism Free Printables for Baptism Treats

Add a burst of color and sweetness to your baptism celebration with our Free Gummy Bears Printable. These delightful treats symbolize the vibrant and joyous beginning that comes with this wonderful spiritual milestone, adding a whimsical and delightful touch to your baptism program festivities. The personalized aspect of these gummy bears makes them more than just a sugary treat; they become a unique and memorable addition to the celebration, creating lasting memories for all involved.

As you share these delectable, personalized Gummy Bears, you’re not just offering your child a sweet delight – you’re sharing the happiness of the occasion with guests and friends of all ages. Whether scattered on tables or included in favor bags, these gummy bears become charming gifts and delightful tokens of the joyous event. Their vibrant colors and sweet taste create a delightful ambiance, turning your child at baptism into a celebration filled with smiles and shared happiness.

Simple, sweet, and full of joy, these Gummy Bears are a fun and playful addition to make your son a baptism celebration even more memorable and delightful. Their symbolism goes beyond the delightful taste; they represent the lively and joyous experiences that come with embracing faith. Including these personalized Gummy Bears in your festivities creates an atmosphere of celebration that resonates with the spiritual significance of the day, turning your son’s baptism, into a colorful, fun, and joy-filled event.

Fruit Snacks

fruit snacks Free Printables for Baptism Treats

Celebrate the nourishing journey of faith with our Free Fruit Snacks printable, offering a wholesome and delightful treat option for your baptism celebration. These fruit snacks go beyond being just a sweet indulgence; they symbolize the sustenance and growth associated with the commitment to faith. Infusing your festivities for baptisms with both flavor and meaning, these snacks become a thoughtful choice for guests of all ages.

As you include these personalized Fruit Snacks in your baptism celebration, you’re not just providing a tasty treat; you’re sharing a symbolic representation of the spiritual journey being embarked upon. Whether displayed on a dessert table or distributed in favor bags, these fruit snacks contribute both flavor and symbolism to the occasion. Their sweet and meaningful nature adds a unique touch to your baptism celebration, creating a well-rounded and memorable experience for all attendees.

The inclusion of Fruit Snacks in baptism itself becomes a simple yet powerful way to share the wonderful and nourishing aspects of your faith journey with everyone present. It’s a gift, a thoughtful addition that transforms the ordinary into something meaningful, turning your baptism celebration into a moment of shared joy, hope, growth, and sweetness.



Add a burst of vibrancy and flavor to your baptism celebration with our Free Skittles printable. These colorful treats go beyond the ordinary, symbolizing the diverse and joyful experiences that come with a commitment to faith. As you include these personalized Skittles in your festivities, you’re not just offering a sweet delight – you’re sharing the sweetness of the occasion with guests of all ages. Simple yet meaningful, these Skittles become a playful addition, creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration that resonates with the spiritual significance of the day.

The visually appealing and flavorful nature of these treats makes them an ideal choice for scattering on tables or including in favor bags. Each vibrant color represents a unique facet of the celebration, adding a playful touch to your child’s baptism day. Whether enjoyed individually or mixed, these Skittles bring a burst of happiness to the gathering, making the occasion even more memorable for primary children and everyone involved. Share the rainbow of joy and sweetness with your guests, turning your daughter’s baptism and celebration into a colorful and delightful experience.

As you delve into the sweet, fun, and symbolic world of Skittles, you’re not just savoring a treat – you’re embracing the diversity and vibrancy that comes with faith. The simple act of sharing these candies becomes a way of expressing the joyful and varied experiences, ideas, and gifts that accompany a commitment to spiritual growth. Infuse your celebration with the bright and playful energy of Skittles, creating a delightful ambiance that echoes the joyous essence of your baptism.

Kit Kat Bar

baptism covenant kit

Elevate your baptism celebration with our Free Kit Kat Bar printable, turning a simple treat into a symbol of the supportive layers within your faith community. These Kit Kat Bars go beyond their crispy and chocolaty delight, becoming a metaphor for the multi-faceted nature of spiritual connections. Including baptism printable and these personalized Kit Kat Bars in your festivities isn’t just about indulging in a sweet delight; it’s a way of recognizing and cherishing the layers of love and support present in your faith community.

The familiar taste of Kit Kat Bars provides a comforting and delightful experience for everyone gathered to celebrate this significant milestone. The symbolism of these treats adds a thoughtful touch to your celebration, making it a memorable and visually appealing experience for all. Whether displayed on a desert table or given as favors, these Kit Kat Bars become more than just a sweet treat. They become a representation of all the information and rich layers of community and support that make your baptism celebration truly a special day.

As you share these treats, you’re not just partaking in a confection; you’re acknowledging the interconnected and supportive relationships created within your own, your extended family, members, friends, and faith community. The layers of crispiness and chocolate mirror the layers of love and support that surround you on this spiritual journey. Indulge in the delightful taste and meaningful symbolism of Kit Kat Bars, creating a moment of shared joy and connection during your baptism celebration.

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