Youth Sunday School Coloring Pages for Doctrine & Covenants

Get a PDF of these free printable youth Sunday School and seminary coloring pages that go with Doctrine & Covenants scripture mastery verses!

Hey y’all, Tiffany here with some fun youth Sunday School or seminary coloring pages!

I was called as the youth Sunday School teacher for the 11/12 and 12/13 year olds in my ward.

Guys, this is my dream calling.

I really miss teaching middle school math sometimes. There’s something about these tween years that is just magical as a teacher. The kids are young enough to laugh at my dumb jokes, but old enough that I don’t have to worry about bathroom accidents.

I taught the first class last week, and I was in heaven. I walked away feeling so amazing for having been at churhc (and no, it had nothing to do with us going back to church post-COVID).

The majority of kids this age don’t want to sit still. The don’t want another lecture. They want to learn, but they don’t want to be bored.

I told the students I would let them draw, sketch, color, etc. during the lessons if they were making sure they also paid attention.

Since I am pretty sure not all of the kids are budding Michelangelos, I found these “adult” coloring pages of alphabet letters, and I added a scripture that kind of went along with each letter (I know, some of them were a little bit of a stretch).

Almost all of these scriptures are from the Scripture Mastery verses, so it’s also hopefully giving them a leg up for seminary. We’re studying Doctrine & Covenants this year, so next year I’ll make some for the Old Testament.

youth sunday school coloring pages doctrine and covenants cover sheet

D&C Youth Sunday School Pages

Now, before you download this PDF with the youth Sunday School pages for D&C, please please please can do you me one favor?

Please don’t share this PDF.

Oh, I don’t mind at all if you share the link to this blog post for anyone to come download it! That’s why I offer it for free!

But you see, it costs money for me to maintain this blog. I get a little bit of that back with ad revenue. But when you download a PDF and just email the PDF to someone else, then I’ve offered something for free to you, and it cost me money that I didn’t earn back.

Does that make sense?

I want to be able to keep providing free resources for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, like the free Come Follow Me resources for kids.

But I can’t do that if I can’t make enough money to keep the blog running. So please, if you want to share this, just give them the link to download it themselves for free.

Thank you!


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