14 Free Letter ‘A’ Printables and Crafts for Kids

Check out this roundup of a list of letter A printables and crafts for kids! Help your child learn more about the alphabet and the letter A.

Hey y’all, Tiffany here with some great crafts, coloring pages, and printables for your kids about the letter A.

As you know, we homeschool our kids. When the kids are about three years old, I like to start them on the Peaceful Preschool curriculum.

The Peaceful Preschool is a 26-week course that gently introduces the children to letters and numbers, focusing on one letter each week.

One of our favorite activities each week is tracing worksheets letter of the week in salt with our fingers. You can learn How to Make a Calming Lavender Salt Tray for Kids to do this at any time, not just with this curriculum.

Then, when they are four years old, we start The Good and The Beautiful, which takes what they’ve learned about letters and numbers and guides them toward reading.

(We also use TGTB for elementary school).

Sometimes I need extra material for my preschool-age kids, however, when I’m trying to teach the older kids. Or if I need things for how to get preschoolers to sit for circle time.

That’s where free printable letter crafts about the different letters come in handy! Today, I want to share with you a bunch of free printable letters and crafts about the letter A.

This is a perfect supplement to Peaceful Preschool, or just a great way to help your child further explore the letter A! And if you want a snack to go with it, try out this easy apple recipe for kids.

I plan on doing a roundup of crafts and printables for students for each of the letters of the alphabet. You can see all the completed ones in this list of blog posts for each letter.

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These are also great activities for preschoolers on days when it’s too cold or hot or rainy to go outside, but you still want to keep them occupied.

If you want an activity for the whole alphabet, check out this Alphabet Letter Chart with Matching Tiles

Letter A Crafts and Printables for Kids

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