15 Letter C Crafts and Printables

Here is a roundup of free printable letter C crafts, activities, and worksheets for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and young children. These free educational printables for learning about the letter C will strengthen your child’s knowledge about the alphabet and help them lay a foundation for learning to read.

C is for…. cat! Castle! Crocodile! Cotton ball! Corn! Carrot!

There are so many words that begin with the letter C, so we decided to make a roundup of Letter C crafts, activities, and printable worksheets!

Perfect for parents, teachers, and anyone working with young learners, this collection is designed to make learning the alphabet fun and engaging. As we explore the third letter of the alphabet, we’ve gathered a variety of activities that celebrate the letter C.

From crafting fluffy cotton ball clouds to creating colorful caterpillars, these crafts not only enhance fine motor skills but also help reinforce letter recognition and phonetic sounds.

letter c worksheet

Alongside the crafts, you’ll find a selection of activities that make mastering the letter C as easy as ABC. Whether you’re in the classroom or at home, these resources are ideal for enriching your educational activities and bringing a smile to the faces of little learners.

So grab your scissors, glue, and crayons, and get ready to dive into the wonderful world of the letter C!

Letter C Crafts and Printables

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