8 Free Printable Quiet Books for Church

How to keep your toddlers and kids quiet at church. Free printable quiet books for church will help your children enjoy sacrament meeting!

Hey y’all, Tiffany here with some free printable quiet books for church!

I wrote a post a few months ago about some ideas and activities to keep kids quiet at church. One of the items we use all the time are these free printable quiet books.

Unfortunately, the creator has taken down many of them from her website. I reached out to her in multiple ways (including her Etsy shop) to see if I could post them here (since I still had the original downloads), but I never received a response.

So instead, I decided to create my own for y’all.

How to Make These Free Printable Quiet Books for Church

These books are extremely easy to use! Just download the images and print them as 4×6 photos. The original creator slipped hers into cheap photo albums, but my kids quickly figure out how to pull them out and dump them.

So instead, I I decided to use my awesome laminator to laminate two of them together (so there is a front and back) and then bind each book together with book rings.

Please remember that the images and words are from the Church’s website and are intended for personal, home, and church use. I am not selling these at all; just putting them in a format that makes them easy for church.

When you download these, please do not share the files with others. Instead, just share the link to this post and have them come download the pictures themselves. Thank you!

Downloads for Free Printable Quiet Books for Church

I created eight different quiet books for you! I updated a few (like the prophets and apostles), and I used generic pictures instead of the ones with my own families. But if you want to, you could replace any of the pictures with ones that you prefer!

Again, please remember that the images and words are from the Church’s website and are intended for personal, home, and church use. I am not selling these at all; just putting them in a format that makes them easy for church.

Download the files from this link here.


Please do not share that link with anyone, or the downloads. Instead, send them to this blog post and have them download it themselves. Thank you!

For anyone who is concerned about copyright issues, please know that I have received permission from the Intellectual Reserve to use each image on here. I have included copyright lines as requested on the downloads.

Articles of Faith

This is perfect to help older children work on memorizing the Articles of Faith!

Book of Mormon

There are so many more stories in the Book of Mormon; these are the ones that come from the Gospel Art Kit. You can download the zipped folder, or right-click and save each image below.

Church History

These are the stories that are included in the Gospel Art Kit.

Life of Jesus Christ

These are events in the Life of Christ; it’s a perfect one to have children read during the sacrament.

Jesus’s Teaching and Miracles

There were so many in the Gospel Art Kit about the New Testament, so I separated them in Christ’s life (above) and His teachings (below).

Old Testament

Just like the Book of Mormon, there are so many stories that are not included in the Gospel Art Kit, but some of my favorites are in here.

Prophet & Apostles

I will do my best to update this on the occasions we have new members of the Quorum of the 12. This is currently up-to-date as of July 2021. If you see that it is out of date, please just leave a comment below to remind me!

What We Believe

This is a fun one you can customize by replacing the pictures with those of your own family and local temple!

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  1. Wow! Just wow! Thank you so much! While I don’t have really young kids, these will be great for my 9 and 14 year old who have autism! Thank you!!!!!!!

    1. wow, these are great. I’m doing them for my grandchildren that live away. thank you so much. I have one question, I’m not very tech savy and was wondering how to put 2 to a page so I don’t use so much paper. It seems when I downloaded it you can only print one page at a time for each section( ex. how to put 1st and 2nd page of the BOM on one sheet. etc.) Look forward to hearing from you

      1. I’m glad you like these! So printing two to a page is going to be based on your printer settings, which are individual to each printer. Unfortunately that’s not something we can help with on our end, since every printer is so different. Usually, however, when you press “print” you can change settings, like if it is black and white or color, or if you only want certain pages. Somewhere in that there should also be a place to switch to two per page.

        With these, we actually even recommend downloading them as image files, then sending them to Walgreens or somewhere else and have them printed as 4×6 pictures instead of printing them on a printer.

  2. Hi These are amazing! I believe that Elder Rasband is missing photo (shows as photo of Elder Anderson) and Elder Anderson is missing his life information (it shows as Elder Cook)

    1. Shoot, thank you! (I knew I was going to mess one up somewhere). But I fixed it now! Elder Andersen’s information was correct, I just forgot to change the name on the top. And I lost my mind apparently on Elder Rasband’s picture.

  3. I have young children and I was looking for something like this recently. Another suggestion would be on how to be reverent.
    Thank you!

    1. What do you mean, it isn’t working? Do you get an error message? It should take you to the Google drive and you can download each folder.

      1. There is no error message. The button just doesn’t do anything at all. It’s doing the same thing for me. Technology is the best and worst thing ever!

  4. These quiet books are just what I’m looking for to use with our grandchildren. You have done a GREAT job! I downloaded them but can’t get them to print out so I can make them into books. How can I get them to print?

    1. Unfortunately, printing isn’t something I can help you with, as every printer and computer setup is completely unique. Once they are downloaded, you should be able to unzip the folders and print them just like any other image.

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