15 Free Ideas for Kids Activity Ideas with Magnatiles

Here is a list of fun, free activity ideas that kids can do with magna-tiles! Keep them busy with these great magna-tile ideas for children.

We absolutely love Magnatiles in our house! That’s why I wanted to write a post for you with a bunch of free ideas of activities that kids can do with magnatiles.

We call them “magnetic blocks” at our house. The Magnatiles brand is pretty expensive (averaging around $1 per tile). But there are a ton of off-brand ones on the internet, and we love finding deals for them on Amazon.

Right now our kids have a huge bin of Magnatiles (or their off-brand equivalent) for fun activities. One of their favorite things to do with magnatiles is to just build with them – they have the most creative ideas with magnatiles! It’s a different process than doing LEGO activities.

I mean this with all seriousness – every single household with children should have Magnatiles in it, just like they should have LEGOs. It’s one of our favorite activities when it’s too hot outside to play (or too cold, if you live in a place with snow as opposed to Texas).

These are also screen-free, and they allow for hours of imagination. My kids love building houses for their LEGO figures or designing an entire zoo for their animal figures. Magnetic blocks (aka magnatiles) allow for hours of entertainment away from a television or tablet, and these free magnatiles ideas can help guide them!

Free Ideas for Kids Activities with Magnatiles

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