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11 Fun (and Free!) Halloween Games & Activities for Kids

by Tiffany
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Throwing a Halloween party with children this year?  There are so many ways you can add some Halloween spookiness to your festivities!  Check out this list of our favorite free fun Halloween party games – they’re a must this Halloween season.

Free Printable Halloween Bingo Game

This free printable Halloween Bingo easy to play and perfect for kids because it’s all Halloween pictures! It’s fun to play at school Halloween parties, family parties, or just playing at home with your little ones.

Need a last minute costume? We’ve got 13 DIY ideas for you!

Halloween Bingo + 3 Halloween Activity Sheets

Play another version of Halloween Bingo!  Included in this Halloween Activity Sheet Package is a Maze, a Halloween Word Search, and a Spot the Difference in the Halloween Pictures. Each sheet is designed to print on a standard 8 1/2 x 11″ paper.

Planning on attending a trunk-or-treat? Check out this list of clever ideas!

Kids’ Halloween Creepy Mummy Coffin Touch and Guess Party Game

Add some creepy gore to your Halloween party with disgusting “body parts” that kids can touch!  Then sit back and watch the kids squeal with horrified delight.  Pretty soon you’ll have the entire neighborhood at your door wanting to see (and feel) the Creepy Mummy Coffin.

Do your kids want to make Halloween crafts? Check out our post with 14 creative crafts for them to do!

Trick-or-Treat Scavenger Hunt

So, you may have heard of Halloween scavenger hunts where you actually look for items to cross off your list while you’re trick-or-treating. Pumpkins, certain costumes, spider decorations, etc.  Well, this one is for after you return home and check out your loot!

If your family is trick-or-treating outside of your neighborhood this year, this game also serves as a great safety check because it forces you to look at each and every item your child receives that evening.

Monster Match Free Halloween Game Bingo Cards

These Monster Match Halloween bingo cards are perfect for kids to play at classroom parties, kids’ Halloween parties, or at a trunk or treat! This Halloween do the monster match instead of the monster mash with these cute Halloween bingo cards full of cute monsters for kids to match! It’s a great alternative to traditional Halloween bingo!

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The Great Pumpkin Free Halloween Game

Now if you’ve never played the Great Pumpkin Pass (no worries if you haven’t), it is a super simple game. Each player gets a paddle. The goal is to hit the balloon and keep it in the air without touching it with anything but the paddle.

Sounds simple enough. Now add crazy screaming children and competitive adults and you’ve got yourself a crazy fun Halloween game that the whole family (and some of the neighbor kids) will enjoy.

Want to serve sweet treats for your Halloween party? We’ve got 34 spooky and cute ideas for you!

Halloween Monster Toss Game + Printable Score Card

This Halloween monster toss game with a printable score card creates a way for kids (of all ages) to bond and grow over their favorite spooky creatures. There are six creatures in this version but gosh, so many more could be added.

Beanbag tosses are fun for tiny kids to the elderly.  Really…who isn’t excited about throwing around beanbag bats, witches and ghosts for points.

Do you want the inside of your home to feel like Halloween? We’ve got 21 incredible indoor ideas!

Witch’s Potion Free Halloween Sensory Activity

Are you looking for a fun Halloween sensory activity to entertain your toddler or preschooler? Look no further! This Witch’s Brew sensory activity is the perfect Halloween activity for your kids. Bonus: you can add in math and literacy easily while still having a blast!

Want to decorate the outside of your house for Halloween? Get inspiration with these 13 unique Halloween outdoor decor ideas!

free Halloween games and activities
free Halloween games and activities

Too Cute To Spook! Spider Printable Number Games

These Halloween spider printable number games are just too cute to spook! Try these printable number games & put some FANGtastic fun into teaching math this Halloween!

Throwing a Halloween dinner party? Here are 13 savory Halloween dishes!

free Halloween games and activities

Free Printable Halloween Activity Pack

Halloween is “creeping” up on us, so here’s a printable activity pack to help with planning parties at home and in the classroom that kids are going to have a lot of fun coloring, solving, and getting them in the Halloween mood.

Halloween also seems to be a crazy day at school, so hopefully this can help some of you teachers out there keep the kids entertained throughout the day!  Have Halloween fun at home or in the classroom with this Free Printable Halloween Activity Pack for kids!

free Halloween games and activities

Host a Kids Halloween Play Date

Trick or Treat into the season with a kids Halloween play date.  This Kids Halloween Play Date is sure to make your little ghouls scream in delight.

Looking for more ideas to use in the classroom?  Our friend Laura Kelly at Me and My Inklings has a long list to choose from!

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11 Fun (and Free!) Halloween Games & Activities for Kids
free Halloween games and activities

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