Halloween Trick-or-Treat Alternative

Don’t want to go out trick-or-treating this year? Here’s a fun way to replace your normal Hallowen plans. You can still have fun with this Halloween trick-or-treat alternative! Its a great Halloween activity for kids!

With a new baby in 2020, along with COVID-19, our family tried to stay indoors, which meant we missed out on Halloween trick-or-treating.

Phillip had been working from home, we’d cut out a lot of our homeschool activities, and we sanitized like crazy. My Crohn’s disease and the treatments for it put me in the high-risk category.

So understandably, the idea of trick-or-treating Halloween made us nervous! Going to a stranger’s home, putting your hand in a bowl that dozens of other kids have touched, and then putting what’s in that bowl in your mouths is a disaster waiting to happen.

Because of this, we tried to come up with some Halloween trick-or-treat alternatives so that it can still be fun. And no matter our plans, we still plan to hand out some of our favorite non-candy trick or treat items to kids who come to our house.

Even though COVID restrictions have ended, some years there are unexpected circumstances that make you miss out on trick-or-treating, like bad weather. Or maybe you just want more Halloween activitiy to do with your kids!

So we’re sharing this fun Halloween egg hunt with out as a great alternative to trick-or-treating.

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Halloween Trick-or-Treat Alternative

In thinking about those non-candy trick or treat items, I remembered how we do the same thing in our Easter eggs.

And then inspiration struck – why not have a Halloween egg hunt?!

Amazingly, there are Halloween-themed eggs on Amazon. Who knew?

They’re also stupidly expensive, and as of right now the shipping date isn’t until after Halloween is over. So I decided to make some myself so we could have a Halloween trick-or-treat alternative this year.

I dragged out our Easter egg bin and picked out all of the orange and purple eggs. Then I used a Sharpie to draw fun faces and designs on them.

I also put glue on some eggs and put glitter on them to be dragon eggs. You could also make spider eggs if you wanted, or even a bunch of other fun names.

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Halloween Trick-or-Treat Alternative

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  1. I like it! I would suggest putting some coins or small denomination dollar bills in the eggs for a personal finance twist. Then you can teach kid about money too.

  2. I have been converting most of my other holiday traditions into Halloween ones. Mostly because I’m ready for Christmas but my husband won’t let me. I love the egg hunt idea!

  3. We’re doing a Halloween Easter egg hunt too this year! We also have a new baby so while it’s because of COVID we’re trick or treating at home with our older kid, I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of glad. It would be so hard with the baby anyways so doing this is just a perfect alternative.

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