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18 Fun and Free Halloween Printables

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Decorate your home and thrill your children with these simply amazing and sometimes spooky free Halloween printables!

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Halloween is in the air!!  Decorate your home and thrill your children with these simply amazing Halloween printables!  Whether you use them to decorate or give them to your kids as activities, they’re just what you need to add some spook to your day.

Don’t miss out on all of our fun Halloween ideas! Especially our non-candy trick-or-treat ideas.

Free Printable Halloween Wall Art

Celebrate Halloween with this set of free printable Halloween wall art! This set includes 3 modern Halloween art printables that you can use as signs, posters for a Halloween party, or art for your walls.

Halloween Mad Libs

This fun free Halloween Mad Libs printable is perfect for kids of all ages (and grown-ups, too!)! Great for teachers in the classroom, holiday parties, playgroups, Scout troops, family game night, and more!

Free Halloween Party Decor Printables

Looking for some fun Halloween Party Printables for your upcoming Halloween Bash?  These are adorable and will set the mood!

Halloween Haunted House Card Making Project

Is it spooky or cute? I just can’t decide! Whichever it is, this easy-to-complete haunted house decoupage card making project is great for those last-minute Halloween cards. Simply print the free printable then cut out the layers and stick them together with 3D foam pads for the ultimate Halloween greetings card!

DIY Halloween Potion Bottles w/FREE Printable Labels

Creepy cool Halloween potion bottles make the perfect party decor! (Free printable labels inside!)

Free Fall Printable with Watercolor Pumpkins

Can you guys feel it???………the cozy evenings filled with decaf Pumpkin spice lattes…the smell of cookies baking in the oven…..the quiet flickering of the candle….the soft blanket as you cuddle on the couch with your favorite movie…. guys… It’s almost officially Fall!

Free Halloween Booing Printables!

These Free Halloween Booing Printables are perfect to spread holiday fun in the neighborhood! Customize to have for any age and bring smiles to everyone!

Free Printable Halloween Flextangle (Kaleidocycle)

Before there were fidget spinners, there were flextangles. Also called kaleidocycles, flextangles are a fun, hexagonal origami project for kids of all ages to color, assemble, and turn. And turn. And turn!

Free Printable Halloween Bookmarks

Download Free Printable Halloween Bookmarks for kids of all ages to color!  This activity will give kids (of all ages!) time to enjoy coloring as well as have something to take home as reading encouragement.

Halloween Lunch Box Jokes

There are 16 different kid-friendly Halloween-themed jokes that can either be put into a lunch, or use them as a spooky Halloween favor at your Halloween parties this year! The kids will love repeating the jokes throughout October.

Printable Halloween Candy Bar Wrappers

Halloween candy has been filling supermarket shelves for a few weeks now.  You might be less tempted to open the candy if it was wrapped all cute and ready to give out at Halloween!

Halloween Treat Tag Printables

With Halloween just around the corner, we’re sharing these free printable Halloween treat tags. You can add these Halloween labels to the tops of little goody bags for Halloween giveaways or classroom gifts. These are so easy to put together and the kids can help too!

free halloween printable

Halloween Labels Printable

Simple solutions are usually the best. Simply labeling your holiday decoration tubs and boxes can make a big impact on your organizing and time saving. This time of year is busy enough and there’s no reason to needlessly waste time searching for decorations. Use this free Halloween labels printable and get organized in just minutes.

free halloween printable

Halloween Cat and Bat Party Printables

Halloween is on the horizon which means everyone is planning their annual Halloween party. Each year many families pick a theme we create our decorations, food and sometimes even costumes around that theme. If you decide to go with Cats and Bats, then here are some free Halloween printables for your own Halloween party.

free halloween printable

Halloween Subway Art Printable

Subway art is It is a great way to express the fun of the season! Want a copy for yourself to decorate your home for Halloween?  Download this free printable!

free halloween printable

Halloween Bat Coloring Pages

Use these free Halloween bat coloring pages with your kids to get them in the Halloween spirit!  These are adorable and perfectly non-scary for your little ones!

free halloween printable

Creepy Potions Bottles with Free Printable Labels

Want to make some spooky Halloween decorations? Print up these printable Halloween potion labels and stick them on some jars and you’ll have a fabulous, spooky, Halloween display.

free halloween printable

Printable Halloween Coupons for Kids

These free printable coupons for kids are a great way to get kids to willingly give up some of their candy. Your kids can trade in candy in exchange for coupons that give them something better — feeling important.

Looking for more ideas to use in the classroom?  Our friend Laura Kelly at Me and My Inklings has a long list to choose from!

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18 Fun and Free Halloween Printables

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