Free Halloween Printables for Kids and Adults

Halloween is in the air!! Decorate your home and thrill your children with these simply amazing Halloween printables!

Whether you use these free Halloween printables to decorate or give them to your kids as activities, they’re just what you need to add some spook to your day.

We really enjoy Halloween at our home. Whether it’s decorating the house, choosing costumes, or eating candy, we have so much fun with this hoilday. We also love reading these  fun Halloween books and dressing up in lots of different costumes.

Halloween can either be spooky and creepy, or it can be fun and silly. In our home, we prefer to lean towards fun and silly. We’re not big fans of fear and horror. Many of these free printables for Halloween are fun and silly.

We love printables because they are an easy way to get kids involved in the excitement of the holiday with very little effort on the part of the parents! (And we’re all about easy at our house.)

Free Halloween Printables

Looking for more Halloween printables to use in the classroom or with your kids?  Our friend Laura Kelly at Me and My Inklings has a long list to choose from!

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18 Fun and Free Halloween Printables

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