20 Parenting Tips from a Prophet of God

Here are 20 parenting tips from a prophet with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These parenting ideas are inspired words from a prophet who speaks with God.

One Sunday in Relief Society, our lesson was from chapter 15 of the Ezra Taft Benson manual, “The Sacred Callings of Fathers and Mothers.”  As part of the lesson, President Benson gives twenty specific ways that mothers and fathers can magnify their callings as parents: ten for fathers and ten for mothers.

I love lists.  I would have been an amazing Pharisee! How many footsteps can I take on the Sabbath?  What can I eat?  What is the proper procedure for being cleansed from my sins?  Seriously, the Law of Moses would have been a piece of cake!

The ambiguous statements like “be humble” and “attend the temple often” are more difficult for me.  This is why I got a degree in math!  Things are simple and straightforward.  I have a hard time working towards goals that don’t have steps or concrete pieces.

In order to help myself and my engineering husband, I took these commandments?  hints?  suggestions from President Benson and made cute printables to hang on our bathroom mirrors to remind ourselves each day what we should be working towards.

Some of these parenting tips from the prophet are a tad on the vague side (“truly love your children), but others are concrete things that we can do together.

However, if loving your children is something you struggle with, then check out our post on 15 ways to show affection with your kid’s love language.

Here you go!  Happy parenting!

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I love these parenting tips for mothers.

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