Learn From These 15 Ways on How to Deal with Tantrums From Real Moms

Are you struggling with children throwing tantrums? Learn from 15 real moms about different ways on how to deal with tantrums from your kids.

One of the most difficult things about parenting is dealing with tantrums and frustration. Toddlers, and even older kids, are still learning how to control their emotions.

We’ve learned a lot in our foster parent training about how to deal with kids who are out of control. It has helped us a lot with our biological kids, too, especially when you’ve got 7-year-old throwing tantrums

Tiffany and 18 other moms got together and shared the ways they deal with tantrums. It’s the first link in the list below. But here’s some of what you’ll read in that first article.

“My son throwing a tantrum has been the one thing that makes parenting a challenge for me.

“I talked to my friend and childcare expert, Shauna, about how to diffuse tantrums from her experience with care for over 10,000 children over the year.  She gave some really great advice that I have to go back and listen too on the extra challenging days.

“Recently I was able to get advice from other moms who have either dealt with tantrums on a regular basis or are dealing with tantrums now.  Thankfully, these wonderful ladies let me get their best tips for dealing with tantrums; and I have to share them with you!

“I want to be a happy mom and not turn into the monster mommy.  Between Shauna and the ladies I mention below, you’ll have what you need to handle tantrums even on your worst day.”

One way to help avoid tantrums before they start is by using these feelings charts for kids.

You can also try out these Mental Health Lessons for Kids, which work great for older children.

You can help your younger kids explore their feelings with these emotions coloring pages – it helps when you can put names to what they feel.

But once a tantrum starts kicking us, here are some things you can do, like using a Calming Sensory Bottle

15 Ways to Deal With Tantrums

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