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Yummy Summertime Meals

by Tiffany
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It’s summertime, which means barbecues, picnics, and outdoor fun!  Here’s a list of recipes that make for that perfect summertime meal with declicious outdoor cooking.

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Delicious Instant Pot Ribs

This delicious instant pot rib recipe is a very easy and yummy dinner the family will love. Find out how to make ribs in the instant pot!  In a busy summer, dinners need to have as few prep steps as possible while still being yummy and interesting. This instant pot rib recipe fulfills each of those requirements!

Grilled Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings

Grilled Garlic Parmesan Wings are perfect for a summer day treat and are so easy to make!  The best part of this wing recipe is that the few I had left over reheated perfectly the next day. Winner winner!

Juicy Low Carb Smash Burgers

The way to have a juicy hamburger you can sink your teeth in is to smash it. Smash burgers have a juicy interior and a crispy outer edge. It’s the only way to eat a burger. Once you start smashing your burgers, you will never turn back!

Steak and Potato Kabobs

This easy dinner has a two ingredient marinade that is top notch!  We all love food on a stick right?  Something about eating food in that form makes it fun. 

Garlic Steak and Potato Foil Packs

Scrumptious garlic steak and potatoes foil packs make for a super easy family dinner or even a backyard grill-out with friends!! This easy steak and potato foil packet recipe can be cooked in the oven or on the grill!!

Marinated Boneless New York Strip Steak Recipe

If thinking about New York strip steak makes your mouth water, you must try this marinated New York strip steak recipe. It’s perfect for a date night or easy weeknight meal.

Slow Cooker Shawarma Chicken

This Slow Cooker Shawarma Chicken is perfect for summer – super simple to make and oh so tasty with fresh salad, yogurt dressing and warm flatbreads. Easy weeknight dinner – sorted!

Pita Pockets with Roasted Veggies and Hummus

Pita Pockets with Roasted Veggies and Hummus Recipe: Healthy and delicious lunch meal you will look forward to. These vegan rainbow pita pockets are very easy and quick to make and can be eaten warm or cold.

Instant Pot Pork Carnitas

This fall-apart-tender Instant Pot carnitas recipe can be served in so many ways. It’s delicious in lettuce wraps, tacos, salads, or served over rice.

Lemon-Oregano Chicken Kabobs

Kick off grill season with these super-tasty and impressive-looking Lemon-Oregano Chicken Kabobs! Keto and low-carb, you can feast ’till full on these fun-to-make skewers. Plus, with just 4 net carbs per serving, they’re a great choice for lunch or dinner (or reheated later for snacking!)

Grilled Spicy Strawberry Steak Kabobs

Who’s ready to learn how to make strawberry steak kabobs?  It’s easy to whip up this easy recipe for strawberry steak kabobs with a low sugar spicy strawberry BBQ sauce.  If you’re  looking for ways to reduce our sugar intake without sacrificing flavor, this recipe is right for you!  This is a perfect recipe for those new to grilling. It’s real good and real easy to do!

The BEST Hawaiian Sliders Recipe

Whether or not you’re a die-hard football fan, a game day party is a fun excuse to get together with family and friends, and share yummy food and drink!

Grilled Chicken Gyros

These grilled chicken gyros are perfect to snack on while watching a fun summer movie!  This recipe for grilled chicken gyros with a cucumber yogurt sauce makes for a great Greek-inspired dinner for you!

Slow Cooker Roasted Chicken and Summer Vegetables

At some point this Summer we will get to the hot days where we do not want to turn on the oven (Haha). This Slow Cooker Roasted Chicken and Summer Vegetables is perfect for those days to feed the family.

With just a few simple ingredients and seasonings, you can have a rotisserie style chicken right at home. This all cooks together so no need for extra steps. And you can use the leftover chicken for lots of other meals!

Hawaiin Pork Kabobs

When the weather starts warming up, all most people can think of is getting outside and grilling.  Hawaiian Pork Kabobs are made using a variety of veggies — the more color the better!  While the veggies are colorful, the star of the dish is fresh pork.

Easy Pretzel Dogs

Make your own Easy Pretzel Dogs in minutes with pre-made pizza dough. No mixing, no kneading, plenty of deliciousness!  You don’t have to wait until a trip to the mall to enjoy a pretzel dog, though. They’re easily made at home, and you can top them any way you want!

Chicken Spiedini Recipe with Lemon Butter Sauce

This Grilled Chicken Spiedini Recipe with Lemon Butter Sauce is perfect to grill all summer long! Plus, this crispy chicken spiedini is super simple and ready in about forty minutes!

10 Minute Spicy Grilled Shrimp Skewers

Super fast to prepare, super easy to make, and most importantly super tasty and flavorful! These Spicy Grilled Shrimp Skewers are perfect for your summertime grilling!

Quinoa Avocado Veggie Patty Recipe

This quinoa avocado veggie patty recipe is whole food plant based. It’s gluten free, vegan, and oven baked. This veggie patty recipe is simple and packed with vegetables and whole grains. It’s makes the perfect vegan burger or sandwich.

Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Kabobs Recipe

This Asian style Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Kabobs recipe is perfect for the sunshine of spring and summer. The skewers are loaded with chicken, peppers, onion, mango and drizzled with homemade teriyaki sauce!

Roasted Summer Italian Burger

This roasted summer Italian burger is the perfect summertime twist to add fresh taste and flavor to your grilling!

Grilled Pork Loin Sliders with Spicy Pineapple Slaw

The flavor of the grilled slaw combined with juicy, bbq pork loin slices is “Mmmazing”! You’ll love the little bit of heat the habanero gives it and the slight sweetness from the pineapple. Delish!

Sweet and Sour Pork Kabobs

Try serving the grilled sweet and sour pork kabobs with rice and sauce for a delicious, satisfying and novel meal!  Give these sweet and sour pork kabobs a try – it’s a crowd pleaser for all ages!

Grilled Pork Chops with Garlic Herb Butter

This recipe for grilled pork chops with garlic herb butter will become your favorite way to grill this spring and summer!  This is a great new to make grilled pork chops – top them with fresh garlic herb butter.

Banh Mi Turkey Hot Dogs

Although it’s quick and easy to make, this Banh Mi Hot dog still qualifies as a gourmet hot dog because of all the stuff on it- it’s not just your typical ketchup, mustard and onion toppings. But the bonus is that it’s all healthy stuff! So, if you’re looking for quick, easy and healthy hot dog recipe that tastes gourmet, then give this one a try. You won’t believe how satisfying it is!

Grilled Lamb Chops and Watermelon Feta Salad

Summer is closing in fast and that means its time to fire up the grill and get your favorite side dishes ready for your next barbecue! This year its time to think outside the box just a bit and come up with some new ideas to make your summer gatherings more delicious than ever before.

Grilled Lamb Chops are a great way to up your game just a bit and can be a tasty starter if you’re feeding a large group or the main meal for an intimate gathering.

Grilled Swordfish Kebabs

One problem with a lot of barbecuing each summer is that you eat way more meat than usual. If you want to add more fish and vegetables options to the grill, then try these delicious Grilled Swordfish Kebabs that are marinated in lemon, garlic, and oregano. Just a few simple, fresh ingredients provide big flavor. They’ll be a big hit, even among the carnivores and kids.

Lime Coriander Marinade with Grilled Tuna and Summer Squash Skewers

A tangy, earthy marinade made with crushed coriander seed and fresh lime juice and zest. This lime and coriander marinade is great on fish or chicken.

Low Carb Teriyaki Beef Bites

Quick and easy low carb Asian inspired dish. These Low Carb Teriyaki Beef Bites are so juicy and tender.  These low carb teriyaki beef tips are so tender and delicious. Perfect as an appetizer, or you can serve it up with a low carb side dish and make it a full meal.

Keto Garlic Shrimp Scampi Recipe

An easy, garlicky, and buttery Keto Shrimp Scampi recipe that has all the tips to keep it low carb, free of added sugar and perfect for Whole30.  This easy Keto Garlic Shrimp Scampi Recipe is perfect if you’re looking for a quick meal. With just a few ingredients and one-pan, you’ll easily be able to make this restaurant quality dish at home.

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