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Delicious Instant Pot Ribs

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This delicious instant pot rib recipe is a very easy and yummy dinner the family will love. Find out how to make ribs in the instant pot!

Hi everyone, I’m Michelle (Tiffany’s sister).

I’m hobbling around on crutches right now, so dinners need to have as few prep steps as possible while still being yummy and interesting. This instant pot rib recipe fulfills each of those requirements!

Defrost the ribs.

Some people say you don’t need to defrost them if you’re using the instapot. That may be true, but I don’t know that I could get the ribs into my instapot while still frozen! You can defrost much faster by resting it in a sink of cool water.

Remove the lining

This is the second-hardest part of this process, and it’s kinda gross. There’s a thin film on the back of the ribs that can be pulled off kind of like peeling the backing off a sticker. A really gross sticker. Do not scratch n’ sniff.

Put in the instapot

While putting it in, stand it up on its side and–meat-side-out–coil it around the inside wall of the instapot like reverse burrito.

Add water

I add water to about 1/3 the way full. (measure this)

Cook on high for one hour.

Remove from instapot and lay on cookie sheet.

This is the hardest step. The meat will fall apart. I usually end up transferring it with a spatula and a wooden spoon.

I recommend lining your cookie sheet with some grill sheets or something so you don’t have scrub the cookie sheet afterward. This is a good opportunity to use a couple of paper towels to soak up any puddles of water you may have transferred to the cookie sheet from the instapot with the meat.

Cover the meat with bbq sauce

I like to use a pastry brush to spread it, but you could probably use a spoon instead.

Pop in the oven on high broil until the bbq sauce has caramelized.


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