Non-Candy Trick-or-Treat Ideas for Halloween

Here are over 50 of our favorite non-candy trick-or-treat ideas to give out this Halloween, along with links to where you can purchase some.

Nothing makes a candy holiday worse than kids who eat too much and have an upset stomach or are too wired.

Our oldests’s first Halloween that she was old enough to eat candy, she threw up in the middle of the night.

And then she threw up again the next year.

So whether it’s food allergies or simply not wanting your kids to get a sugar high, there are many reasons to not want to hand out sugary treats on Halloween. 

Even though our kids don’t have any food allergies, we have several friends whose kids do.  So every year at Halloween, we put out our teal pumpkin so that families can know we are passing out allergy-friendly items.

Read on to see our favorite non-candy trick-or-treat ideas. They make perfect fillers for our trick-or-treat alternative on the years you can’t go out!

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Make sure you don’t miss our hundreds of other Halloween ideas! Here are some of our favorites:

50+ Non-Candy Ideas for Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween

Quarters, pennies, etc.

Fake coins for pretend play at home.




non-candy trick-or-treat ideas

Puzzle pieces

Redeemable tickets from the parents: “one day of not doing dishes” or “one vegetable-free meal” or “trip to the zoo”

Bouncy balls






Temporary tattoos


Barbie clothes

non-candy trick-or-treat ideas

LEGOs (which would be a perfect fit with our fun LEGO activity ideas!)

Plastic animals

Army men

Parachute men

Plastic insects

Wind-up toys


Finger puppets


non-candy trick-or-treat ideas
non-candy trick-or-treat ideas
non-candy trick-or-treat ideas

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non-candy trick-or-treat ideas

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  1. Love that you gave so many alternatives to candy! Kiddos seem to have so many allergies and handing out non-candy items are an awesome way for everyone to enjoy the holiday. Thanks so much!!

  2. Your list is great. It actually costs more to get non-candy items even if you order from Oriental Trading Co. or the dollar store. Didn’t order early enough this year. I once used the plastic insect rings and the kids loved them. I get about 100 kids in my neighborhood. Parents drive them over.

  3. “Halloween” is about way more than trick-or-treat… it seems like we have a couple of parties or celebrations every week this month! We definitely need some non-candy ideas to mix it up. We have many friends with allergies as well, so having plenty of alternatives is great. 🙂

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