50+ Halloween Non-Candy Treats for Trick-or-Treat This Year

Halloween is just around the corner, and you know what that means – it’s time to talk about Non-Candy treats for Trick-or-Treat that’ll have your little ones grinning from ear to ear. We’ve gathered a fantastic selection of fun ideas for over 50 non-candy fun things that are sure to delight you, and we’ve made it super easy for you by including links to where you can snag these goodies.

Let’s get real about Halloween non candy treats

While candy is undoubtedly a Halloween staple, we all know that too much sugar can lead to some not-so-great consequences, like upset tummies and those wild, post-candy highs. And let’s face it, our kids are practically drowning in candy during the Halloween season! From the annual zoo trick-or-treat event to those adorable house trunks-or-treat gatherings with Grandma, not to mention all those exciting Halloween parties, candy overload starts well before the big Halloween night itself.

I am sharing a personal story that we hope underscores why these non-candy treats can be a lifesaver: Our oldest had a memorable first Halloween when she was old enough to enjoy candy. But the excitement got the best of her, and she ended up getting sick in the middle of the night.

That’s when it hit me, whether it’s food allergies or just a desire to avoid sugar-induced hyperactivity, there are plenty of good reasons to promote non-candy Halloween. In fact, many families, like ours, have friends with kids who have food allergies. That’s why we’ve embraced the teal pumpkin tradition. Every non candy Halloween, we proudly display our teal pumpkins, a symbol that we’re offering allergy-friendly items for trick-or-treaters.

Non-Candy Trick-or-Treat Ideas for Halloween treats

My own kids absolutely adore these Halloween treats, and I’m excited to share some delightful options with you. Just imagine the smiles on their faces when they unwrap non-candy treat bags like oranges, juice box, vampire teeth, or Halloween Playdough – it’s a winning combination of candy alternative and fun ideas that’s sure to bring joy to any Halloween treats while staying away from the sweet stuff.

These delightful treat bags are traditional candy Halloween treats alternative that will make your Halloween celebrations extra special as they make perfect fillers for our trick-or-treat alternative on the years you can’t go out! Halloween night should be a little bit healthier, more inclusive, and special for all our little monsters and ghouls!

Our Favorite Non-Candy Trick-or-Treat Ideas

50+ Non-Candy Ideas for Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween

Quarters, pennies, etc.

Coins like quarters and pennies make excellent Halloween non-candy trick-or-treat alternatives. They promote imaginative play, allowing kids to use them for various activities.

Fake coins for pretend play at home.

Fake coins, like play money, are fantastic non candy Halloween treats. They ignite imaginative play at home, allowing children to create their own games and scenarios while they foster creativity and provide hours of entertainment.


Erasers are a wonderful Halloween non-candy treat option. They are practical for school and homework, making them useful for kids of all ages. Additionally, they come in perfect size and shapes and colors, adding an element of playfulness to learning.

Whimsical Stickers

Whimsical stickers are free printable source of joy and self-expression, allowing kids to decorate their belongings or create artwork. Stickers come in various themes, sparking imagination and creativity.


Stamps encourage artistic expression and can be collected or used for kid projects. These tiny treasures offer hours of entertainment, fostering creativity while steering clear of sugary sweets.

Miniature Puzzle Games

Tiny puzzles challenge young minds, promoting problem-solving and patience. These pocket-sized puzzles are perfect for quiet entertainment.

Redeemable tickets from parents, offering privileges like a day off from dish duty, a vegetable-free meal, or a trip to the zoo, promote family bonding, health, and cherished experiences.

Bouncy Balls

Bouncy balls are great non candy Halloween treats that encourage active play, enhancing kids’ physical activity and coordination.


Marbles promote strategic thinking and friendly competition, diverting kids from excessive sugar intake, and making them a delightful and sugar-free alternative.


Rings add a touch of sparkle to the festivities and serve as lasting mementos. Unlike candy, they’re sugar-free and encourage imaginative play, making them a healthier alternative.


Earrings offer a fashionable twist to the festivities. They’re a unique and memorable alternative to sweets, appealing to both kids and teens.


Charms add a touch of personalization to costumes and accessories. These tiny tokens of luck or love make for cherished keepsakes, promoting sentimentality over sugar rushes.

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos let kids adorn themselves with eerie designs, adding excitement to their costumes. These skin-safe, easy-to-apply decorations ignite creativity and promote individuality.

Halloween Playdough

Halloween-themed Play-Dough encourages imaginative play as kids mold spooky shapes and creatures. The vibrant colors and tactile experience captivate young minds, promoting sensory development.

Barbie clothes

Barbie clothes allow kids to get creative and transform their dolls into spooky or glamorous characters. This alternative promotes imaginative play, hones fine motor skills, and provides lasting entertainment.


Shells encourage kids to explore nature and can be used for crafting or decorative purposes. This unique alternative fosters creativity, and connects children with the outdoors.

Mini bubbles

Kids love bubbles. Mini bubbles provide endless entertainment, promoting outdoor play and social interaction. They add an element of enchantment to the glow in the dark festivities.


Socks keep little feet warm on chilly nights while encouraging creativity with various designs. Parents appreciate them, and they’re useful long after Halloween.

Silly putty

Silly Putty is a delightful Halloween treat and tactile non-candy Halloween treats. Kids can stretch, mold, and play with it for hours, fostering creativity and sensory exploration.

Seeds for gardening

Gardening seeds encourage kids to connect with nature and learn about planting and growth. These seeds can spark a lifelong interest in gardening, offering a healthy and sustainable alternative to traditional candy.

Nail polish

Nail polish sparks imaginative play, encourages self-expression, and fosters family bonding. This non-edible alternative adds a touch of glamour to the festivities while promoting safe, mess-free enjoyment.

Lip gloss

Lip gloss, are safe alternative that lets kids experiment with makeup and feel glamorous, making Halloween memorable without the sugar rush.

Hair ties

Hair ties keep hair tidy and offer a practical, lasting token of Halloween, making them a great alternative to sweets.


Balloons are exciting non-candy Halloween treats, that bring joy to Halloween. They offer entertainment, decoration, and a lasting memory of the holiday, making them a delightful alternative to traditional candies.

Punch balloons

Punch balloons are fantastic non-candy Halloween treats, that provide fun and exercise. They encourage active play, offering a healthy alternative to chocolate bags while ensuring kids have a blast.


Boys love playing with toy cars. They ignite imaginative play, promote motor skills, and provide lasting entertainment, offering kids a sugar-free and enjoyable experience during the holiday festivities.

Grow toys 

Grow toys, which expand in water are interactive, encourage curiosity, and provide a unique experience for kids without the sugar rush, aligning perfectly with the spirit of Halloween.


LEGOs spark creativity, offer endless entertainment, and promote imaginative play. They align seamlessly with our fun LEGO activity ideas, making them a perfect fit for Halloween festivities.

Plastic animals

Plastic animals encourage imaginative play, provide educational value, and are a hit with kids. Plus, they’re a healthier alternative to other food and sweets.

Army men

Army men foster strategic thinking and provide hours of entertainment. These little soldiers are a wholesome alternative to sugary goodies.

Parachute men

Parachute men bring joy, encourage outdoor play, and are a safe alternative to sweets. These colorful toys and treat bags add excitement to trick-or-treating and promote active fun.

Plastic insects

Plastic insects provide educational value and offer a unique surprise kids will love. These critters make for an exciting and sugar-free Halloween experience.

Wind-up toys

Wind-up toys are a terrific non-candy Halloween treat. They add a playful twist to the festivities, promoting creativity and entertainment while avoiding sugar and promise endless fun that kids will love.


Whistles are an excellent non-candy Halloween treat. They offer kids a chance to make noise and have fun while ensuring a sugar-free celebration while providing the perfect trick that kids will love.

Finger puppets

Finger puppets encourage imaginative play and provide entertainment without the sugar rush. These cute and interactive toys make for a fun and wholesome alternative.


Keychains are a practical and collectible non-candy Halloween treat. Kids can attach them to backpacks or keys, and they serve as lasting reminders of Halloween fun.

Spooky Vampire Teeth

Sink your teeth into some non candy Halloween treats and fun with vampire teeth. Kids love to play pretend, and these plastic fangs are a perfect addition to their costumes.


Dice promotes game-playing and learning, fostering social interactions and cognitive skills. These small, versatile items provide entertainment and can be used for various activities.

Spinning top

Spinning tops offer hours of amusement and encourage dexterity and focus. These non candy Halloween treats classic toys promote screen-free entertainment.


Shoelaces are practical and can add a touch of fun to kids’ shoes. Plus, they promote independence and fine motor skills when youngsters learn to tie their laces.

Glow Sticks Galore and Glow-in-the-dark Stars

Glow sticks are a hit among kids of all ages. These non-candy Halloween treats add Halloween colors to the house and glowing wonders to the happy Halloween night but also ensure visibility in the dark.


Beads inspire creativity, allowing kids to make jewelry and crafts. Promoting artistic skills and are easy to find in dollar store.

Water beads

Water beads expand in water, offering an engaging sensory experience. Safe and reusable, they provide hours of entertainment for kids.


String or yarn is common at school parties but it is also a creative treat that can be used for various crafts and projects, encouraging kids’ artistic expression and fine motor skills.

Stress ball

Stress balls are non candy Halloween treats promoting healthy Halloween alternatives. They help relieve stress and improve focus.

Mini yoyos

Mini yoyos provide delightful hours of entertainment and help improve coordination and dexterity. With their compact size and fun factor, they make an excellent non-candy treat that kids will love.

Mini notepads

Mini notepads are a must for little readers and writers. They are fantastic for drawing, and writing. Kids can use them for school or personal notes, making them both fun and practical.


Crayons inspire artistic expression and provide hours of entertainment. Plus, they promote fine motor skills development in children.


Markers unleash kids’ artistic talents and imaginative play while avoiding sugar. It’s also fun to design pumpkin faces or mandarin oranges.


Hairbows let kids accessorize and express themselves making them a fun and practical choice for Halloween that is also allergy-free.


Earphones are non candy Halloween treats that offer kids a useful item for music or calls, promote safety during activities, and steer clear of extra sugar.

Fidget spinners/cubes

Fidget spinners or cubes provide entertainment and stress relief, promoting focus and relaxation without the sugar rush.

Polished rocks

Polished rocks are visually appealing and encourage kids to explore nature.

Conclusion : The Joy of DIY Halloween Costumes

When it comes to creative last-minute Halloween costumes for kids, DIY offers endless possibilities. From beloved characters to unique disguises, the world of DIY costumes is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Whether you’re crafting a costume for a single child or coordinating a group ensemble, these last-minute creations save the day and create cherished Halloween memories.

So, embrace your inner DIY enthusiast, get creative, and have a hauntingly good Halloween!

Skeleton and cemetery for Halloween.

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  1. Love that you gave so many alternatives to candy! Kiddos seem to have so many allergies and handing out non-candy items are an awesome way for everyone to enjoy the holiday. Thanks so much!!

  2. Your list is great. It actually costs more to get non-candy items even if you order from Oriental Trading Co. or the dollar store. Didn’t order early enough this year. I once used the plastic insect rings and the kids loved them. I get about 100 kids in my neighborhood. Parents drive them over.

  3. “Halloween” is about way more than trick-or-treat… it seems like we have a couple of parties or celebrations every week this month! We definitely need some non-candy ideas to mix it up. We have many friends with allergies as well, so having plenty of alternatives is great. 🙂

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