50+ Non-Candy Trick-or-Treat Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and if your kids have food allergies (or get hyper with sugar), then these non-candy trick-or-treat ideas are perfect for your friends and neighbors who do the Teal Pumpkin Project.

Temporary Tattoos.

Kids love temporary tattoos!  Offer a selection of vibrant temporary tattoos as a creative and non-candy treat that kids can enjoy adorning themselves with.

Finger Puppets

Hand out tiny finger puppets, sparking imaginative play and storytelling in addition to a Halloween treat.  Sibling groups will love playing with each other!

Plastic insects

Creepy-crawlies can be part of the fun without the scare factor. Plastic insects make for intriguing and non-edible Halloween surprises.

Sticker Sheets

Share sheets of colorful and themed stickers to inspire creativity, from decorating notebooks to personalizing their trick-or-treat bags.

Hair Clips and Scrunchies

A stylish alternative to candy, hair clips and scrunchies add a touch of fashion flair to Halloween costumes, and make the fun last long after costumes are outgrown.


Provide novelty erasers with fun shapes or themes to make "erasing" mistakes at school or on homework even more enjoyable.

Nail Polish

For older trick-or-treaters, miniature nail polish bottles can be a trendy and age-appropriate Halloween treat.

Water Grow Toys

Give out water grow toys that expand when soaked, offering a fun science experiment and a unique, non-candy surprise for kids to take home.

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