45 Easy Christmas Baking Recipes for Cookies, Cakes, and More

Nothing says Christmas like making delicious and easy Christmas baking recipes. These Christmas-baking recipes for cookies, cakes, and more will bring the holiday season into your home. Some are even easy enough for kids to make!

Experience the Warmth of Family Traditions

What are your favorite Christmas traditions? We love to bake Christmas recipes!

Our family has some favorite recipes that we’ve passed down over the years, like these 6 Christmas Caroling Treats.

However, we also really enjoy trying new recipes each year as well. We collected a bunch for you to try – you never know when one will become one of your favorites!

These treats go perfectly with these Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Christmas.

Share the love with cookie gifting

Let’s spread some holiday cheer by gifting the joy of easy Christmas cookies. Whip up your favorite recipe, fill pretty boxes or jars, and share the warmth of the season through these delightful treats.

As you hand out these homemade goodies, see the smiles light up faces in appreciation of your thoughtful gesture. Your sugar cookies aren’t just a tasty delight; they become a heartwarming symbol of the holiday spirit, making the season extra special for every one you share them with.

Christmas Recipes to Bake

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Christmas Recipes for Baking

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