50+ Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers

by Tiffany
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Nothing makes a candy holiday worse than kids who eat too much and have an upset stomach or are too wired.  We like to hide items other than candy in the eggs and have an awesome Easter Egg hunt.

Whether it’s food allergies or simply not wanting your kids to get a sugar high, there are many reasons to not want to fill your Easter eggs with sugary treats.  Here are over 50 of our favorite non-candy items to hide (depending on age, of course), along with links to where you can purchase some:

50+ Easter Egg Filler Ideas

  1. Quarters, pennies, etc.
  2. Fake coins for pretend play at home.
  3. Erasers
  4. Stickers
  5. Stamps
  6. Puzzle pieces
  7. Redeemable tickets from the parents: “one day of not doing dishes” or “one vegetable-free meal” or “trip to the zoo”
  8. Bouncy balls
  9. Marbles
  10. Rings
  11. Earrings
  12. Bracelets
  13. Charms
  14. Temporary tattoos
  15. Play-do
  16. Barbie clothes
  17. Shells
  18. Mini bubbles
  19. Socks
  20. Silly putty
  21. Seeds for gardening
  22. Nail polish
  23. Lip gloss
  24. Hair ties
  25. Balloons
  26. Punch balloons
  27. Cars
  28. Grow toys (the kind you put in water and they expand)
  29. Legos
  30. Plastic animals
  31. Army men
  32. Parachute men
  33. Plastic insects
  34. Wind-up toys
  35. Whistles
  36. Finger puppets
  37. Keychains
  38. Dice
  39. Spinning top
  40. Shoelaces
  41. Glow-in-the-dark stars
  42. Beads
  43. Water beads
  44. String/yarn
  45. Stress ball
  46. Mini yoyos
  47. Mini notepads
  48. Crayons
  49. Markers
  50. Hairbows
  51. Earphones
  52. Fidget spinners/cubes
  53. Polished rocks

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