13 Adorable Last-Minute & DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

by Tiffany

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Do the holidays ever seem to sneak up on you?  Sometimes we get close to Halloween and we have no idea what to wear for a costume!  Here’s a list of 13 adorable last-minute, DIY Halloween costumes for kids (or even adults!)

Awesome Jellyfish Costume DIY

Need a last-minute Halloween costume?  Make this awesome Jelly Fish Costume in under one hour.

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Easy Ghost Costume Tutorial

Here you have it. An ooky, spooky ghost costume that your kids will want to wear to the breakfast table.  Put it on and have fun!

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Crazy Cat Lady Costume for Halloween

Learn how to create a crazy cat lady costume for Halloween! Complete your costume with a kitty litter scoop, fun socks, and a shower cap.

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DIY Unicorn Costume with Felt and Light-Up Horn

Looking for an easy DIY unicorn costume? Then follow along to learn how to make a homemade unicorn costume for kids! In only a few minutes your child will be sporting a felt unicorn head!

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How to Easily Make Your Own Felt 3D Dinosaur Head with Chomping Jaw

Wondering how to make a 3D dinosaur head as easily as possible? Well, here’s a super quick, easy way to make a T Rex head costume using felt! Plus, this dinosaur head costume even has a chomping jaw.

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How to Make a DIY Stick Figure Costume for Halloween

This easy DIY Halloween costume is great for kids and tweens! Make a Stick Figure Costume with just a few budget supplies.  Whether you’re planning ahead or doing it last-minute, see how easy it is to make a Stick Figure Costume for Halloween!

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DIY Dog Costume Accessories

Transform into the cutest pet in town with these easy-to-make DIY Dog Costume Accessories!

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DIY Sally Costume Tutorial

Bring Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas to life this Halloween with this DIY Sally Costume Tutorial!

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Last-Minute Glow in the Dark Stick Figure Costume

Are you scrambling to come up with a good last minute, no-sew Halloween costume that won’t break the bank? This costume is inexpensive and a perfect last minute DIY to make with some dollar store glow sticks.

Be a solo stick figure or be a whole family or squad of stick figures – this costume is totally customizable so swap out the colors, add some sweet hair or even a cute skirt!

Bumble Bee Costume Tutorial {Inexpensive & No-Sew}

If you are scared of your sewing machine (or just don’t have one), you can still have a pretty sweet costume for Halloween!  This bumble bee costume is adorable – and best of all?  It’s no-sew, baby!

Disney Maui Halloween Costume

Use your Cricut Maker to make a Disney Maui Halloween Costume. This will take a few hours to make but it’ll be well worth it in the end!

Easy & Adorable DIY Scarecrow Costume

This DIY scarecrow costume is SO easy to make, and it’s perfect for kids and adults!  It’s simple to put together, and you’ll get tons of response!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costumes for Kids

It’s surprising how easy these homemade ninja turtle costume were, but they are so fun and the kids can’t wait to wear them.

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