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14 Creative Halloween Crafts For Kids

by Tiffany
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Check out these creative Halloween crafts for kids! Have a spooky Halloween with these fun crafts that children can make.

Most children love Halloween.  They look forward to the costumes, the parties, and – of course- the candy from trick-or-treating!  Boost their enthusiasm for the holiday with these creative Halloween crafts that kids can make!

Don’t miss out on all of our fun Halloween ideas! Especially our non-candy trick-or-treat ideas.

Halloween Popsicle Stick Pumpkins

These popsicle stick pumpkins are so cute, and such fun Halloween projects for kids! These Jack-O-Lanterns make really cute pumpkin art projects.

Need a last minute costume? We’ve got 13 DIY ideas for you!

Popsicle Stick Spider Web

Create an adorable spider web out of popsicle sticks and twine. Your kids will have a blast making this fun Halloween craft, and you can even use it to decorate your home when they’re finished!

Planning on attending a trunk-or-treat? Check out this list of clever ideas!

Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids: Sugar Drawings

Everyone loves easy Halloween crafts for kids, just like these sugar drawings! Painting over a special sugar mixture reveals a unique design underneath.

Looking for fun Halloween games and activities? These are our favorite 11 – and they’re free!

Creepy-Crawly Halloween Sensory Bottle

An easy Halloween sensory bottle made with simple party supplies!

Want to decorate the outside of your house for Halloween? Get inspiration with these 13 unique Halloween outdoor decor ideas!

halloween craft for kids

Mix and Match Pumpkin Faces Craft

Kids will have a blast making lots of funny pumpkin faces with this easy Halloween craft!

Don’t miss our post with 18 amazing Halloween printables!

Mix-N-Match Magnet Ghost Craft

An easy kids Halloween Ghost Craft that doubles as a boredom buster afterwards!

Throwing a Halloween dinner party? Here are 13 savory Halloween dishes!

halloween craft for kids

Kids Felt Craft Monsters

These colorful kids felt craft “friendly monsters” put a new spin on paper dolls!

Kids will have fun making them AND playing with them for hours afterwards. Free printable patterns are included here to get started, but then kids get to really make these monsters come to life on their own!

Spooky Halloween Spider Craft

A fun spiderweb craft using pipe cleaners, yarn and glue.

Do you want the inside of your home to feel like Halloween? We’ve got 21 incredible indoor ideas!

halloween craft for kids

Paint a Pumpkin Rock

Painting pumpkins on rocks is easy when you use paint pens instead of paint brushes. Use this tutorial and create a whole pumpkin patch with your kids.

DIY Unicorn Pumpkins with No Carving

These easy unicorn pumpkins are fun to make and easy for kids who might not be ready for a carving knife.

Want to serve sweet treats for your Halloween party? We’ve got 34 spooky and cute ideas for you!

Friendly Spiders from Upcycled Flower Pots

Show your kids how spiders can be cute and goofy instead of scary with this easy Halloween craft that uses flower pots.

halloween craft for kids

Tube Monsters

All the kids have to do is select a tube and then decorate it! The glue dots are ideal for the toddlers, and everyone enjoys paint and glitter!

Easy Preschool Skeleton Halloween Craft for Kids

The best part of this halloween craft for kids is that you get to hang them up each year to display for everyone to see.  However, at night when all the lights are out and you walk downstairs and you forget that you have that awesome preschool skeleton craft hanging from your ceiling, you might suddenly go into fight or flight mode.

This is totally normal. It happens to the best of us, but just remember….it is just a craft. Nothing to alarm. Just pick a better spot to hang it than right at the bottom of your stairs.

halloween craft for kids

Easy Mummy Halloween Craft for Kids

Halloween is a fun time for kids of all ages. Whether you are planning a class Halloween craft for kids or looking for a fun craft to make together this easy mummy craft is the perfect Halloween crafts for kids.

Only 5 supplies needed to make your Halloween paper craft. Easy to customize the colors according to your child’s preference or create a standard black and white mummy craft.

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14 Creative Halloween Crafts For Kids

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