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22 New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids

by Tiffany
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New Year’s Eve is traditionally an adult celebration – staying up until midnight, toasting the New Year, and a kiss when the ball drops.  Make sure your children don’t feel left out with this large list of New Years activities for kids!

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Coffee Pods & Confetti Poppers

What do you do with all your coffee pods after they’ve been used?  These pods are the perfect size for toddlers and preschoolers to make confetti poppers!  These are so simple and easy to make – get 5 done in less than 5 minutes!

Make New Year’s Eve delicious with these yummy New Year’s Eve treats for kids!

Gold Glitter Slime | New Year’s Eve Slime Recipe

Sometimes the little ones get left out of all the fun on New Year’s Eve. The party starts so late, and children may not understand the concept of making resolutions. However, kids LOVE glitter, celebrations, and creating fun crafts to ring in the new year! Here’s a simple way to celebrate the new year with a bit of sparkle!

Free Printable Time Capsule Ideas

With the year coming to a close, it is time to start thinking about what you will do on New Year’s Eve to keep everyone busy, happy, and awake. You also want to take the time to review the year and record some memories! One of the most searched for activities for New Year’s Eve is making a time capsule.

Creating an end of the year time capsule is a great family activity because it allows everyone to participate and you can tailor it to many different age groups. Read through the article to learn some age-specific ways to make a time capsule and also grab some free printable time capsule ideas to assist you.

Countdown to Midnight New Year’s Printables

For your midnight party pleasure, we have an 11×13 printable sign, some cupcake toppers, some countdown challenges, fan signs, and straw flags.

Easy New Year’s Eve Poppers

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner.  Celebrating New Year’s is even more fun when you decorate and have surprises and treats.  It’ll take you less than 30 minutes to whip up a batch of these fun and easy New Year’s Eve Poppers. Happy New Years!

New Year’s Even Bingo Game for Kids

New Year’s Eve bingo is the perfect way to keep the kids entertained while you’re waiting for the clock to strike midnight!

Free Printable New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

With the end of the year approaching, use this simple free New Year printable for kids to encourage them to reflect on the year.  This free New Year printable can be used any year and has 6 sections under 2 headings to help reflect on the year.

Don’t miss our post on non-alocoholic New Year’s Eve drinks!

New’s Year’s Resolutions for Kids To Encourage Them to Be Kinder

As our year draws to an end, it’s a time to reflect on the past year and gear up for a great new year.  And as adults, we make New Year’s Resolutions to exercise more, eat healthier and go on more date nights.

For our kids, we want to encourage them to be kinder.  Kinder to their siblings, kinder to their parents, and kinder to their classmates and friends.  Because when you’re on purpose, trying to raise kind kids, we need to do everything we can to inspire our kids to make kind choices.

Happy TOOT Year Flarp New Year’s Eve Party Favors

Dollar store wins again for hilariously easy New Year’s Eve party favors! Use the free printable labels to complete the look.  Warning: if you don’t think farts are funny, this is NOT the post for you.

Family Time Capsule Jars for New Year’s + FREE Printable Kid Survey

Assembling the time capsule is the easy part!  The specific details are up to you, but these can be placed out for display to be explored for years to come.

New Year’s Eve Sensory Bin

Looking for some fun New Years Eve Ideas for Families? Then this fun themed New Years Eve sensory bin is perfect!  This one does get a little bit messy and you WILL have glitter and sequins around the house when they’ve finished playing with it, but isn’t that what New Year’s Eve is all about?  This would be an amazing way to entertain kids at a New Years Eve party at home.

New Year’s Eve Fun Paper Fortune Cookies Craft

This paper fortune cookies craft will make a fun favor and decoration for your New Year’s Eve party! Fill the paper fortune cookies with fun predictions for the New Year for your guests, or have the kids make them during the party!

DIY New Years Eve Party Poppers – Made Out of Toilet Paper Rolls!

Your children will have so much fun with these DIY new years eve party poppers! Who’s ready to celebrate the new year?!  Try making these DIY new years eve party poppers using toilet paper rolls, just a few steps and you’re ready to celebrate!

New Year’s Even Wand Craft + Free Printable

Ring in the New Year with this fun & festive wand craft! This is an easy paper craft that requires very little prep work and with 5 mix and match printable designs, kids will want to make more than 1. Plus when you add on a few jingle bells it can also be a fun noisemaker.

Easy, Fast, Paper New Year’s Eve Noisemaker Tutorial

Imagine it’s New Year’s Eve, and you’re having a party. You’ve remembered everything–the ice, the champagne, the snacks, the decorations, the funny party hats–except the noisemakers. Don’t worry, you can whip up these paper noisemakers in just a few seconds!

Fireworks Salt Painting

We temporarily interrupt our Christmas Crafty Fun to bring you a little project idea for New Year’s Eve!  Since most kids won’t be able to make it until midnight, they can create their own night sky full of fireworks.

Countdown Clock Printable for New Year’s Eve

Help your kids count down to midnight with this free countdown clock printable!  Watch the handy countdown clock video and you will see how quick and easy it is to make this clock!! Or follow the step by step instructions in the post.

New Year’s Eve Toddler Bubble Wands

Look at it in two ways: whilst the grown ups have “real” bubbles, the kids get to have their own New Year’s Eve Bubbles.. or.. instead of NOISY and scary fireworks.. replace the firework fun with Toddle bubble fun.

New Year’s Eve Party Hat Printables

Check out these Printable DIY Party Hats for New Year’s Eve – both a 2019 Party Hat Printable and a more generic New Year’s Eve Party Hat Printable.. so you can use these printables in this year, as well as in years to come. The DIY Party Hats are quick and easy to make and sport a cheeky and fun DIY Pom Pom too.

Fireworks craft + Fun Painting Technique

Firework crafts are always so much FUN and the more glitter and sparkle that you can add to them the better! This easy firework craft will be loved by toddlers, preschoolers and older kids too!

Whether you are looking for a celebration craft, bonfire night craft or a new years eve craft for kids this firework painting would be perfect for any celebration! Just follow are easy instructions to make your own firework picture.

Confetti Science Eruptions: New Year’s Eve Activity

Ring in the new year with confetti science play! Kids can enjoy New Year’s Eve too even if they don’t get to stay up till midnight. Try confetti science eruptions, glittering slime, and party poppers to really get in the spirit.  Let the kids make a little mess for a special occasion with easy confetti activities! Nothing says New Year’s Eve like tons of flying confetti!

New Year’s Eve Countdown Paper Plate Craft for Kids

This is the perfect idea for a Countdown to the New Year. Children love using a New Year’s Eve Countdown Paper Plate Craft to Celebrate ringing in New Year’s Eve. You can easily make this New Year’s Eve Craft with your kids or in a classroom. Whether you are planning a New Year’s Eve party or just love paper plate crafts and noisemakers you’ll find fun activities for kids to enjoy a New Year Celebration.

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