20 Non-Alcoholic New Year’s Eve Drinks

Here is a roundup of yummy non-alcoholic New Year’s Eve drinks for kids & adults alike! Toast the new year with these non-alcoholic mocktails.

One of the most exciting parts of celebrating New Year’s Eve is staying up late and ringing in the new year with a toast.

As a kid, I remember the first time my parents let me stay up for New Year’s Eve. I thought I was getting to stay up until midnight when the ball dropped. Now I know that thanks to different time zones, we saw it drop much earlier than midnight for us!

Staying up until midnight was fun in college and as a young adult. Now, however, as a parent, I want to go to bed when the kids do!

And if you’re like us and don’t drink alcohol, you may want to skip the toast. However, even though we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we still love New Year’s Eve mocktails with sparkling cider or other non-alcoholic drinks.

It could be that you are trying to fight an addiction, or you might be pregnant and unable to drink alcohol. Both are extremely valid reasons for not drinking alcohol, but they can be difficult to explain. You may not be ready to announce the pregnancy. Or perhaps the people at the party aren’t familiar with your history and choice to be alcohol-free.

Whatever the reason for you choosing to skip alcohol this New Year’s Eve, hopefully, this list of non-alcoholic beverages will help you out. They’re perfect for kids, pregnant women, and all others who don’t drink alcohol (like us!) to celebrate with something delicious and alcohol-free.


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20 New Years Non-Alcoholic Drinks

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