34 Delicious & Unique Halloween Treats For Kids

If you need tasty Halloween treats for kids to serve at your Halloween party this year, then look no further! Whether it’s a cake walk, a costume party for kids, or even just a family-only party to get in the spirit of Halloween, it doesn’t matter – these tasty Halloween treats are sure to be a hit!

We love Halloween at our house. There’s something about dressing up in costumes and getting candy that brings out the kid in many adults.

We don’t really get into the creepy, scary side of Halloween like some people do. As a couple, we never watch scary movies or go to haunted houses. We aren’t really big fans of scaring ourselves! Halloween also has some evil, occult parts to it that we don’t really delve into at all.

Instead, one thing our kids love to do with is us at Halloween is read fun Halloween books and decorating with spooky and silly ghosts, spiders, bats, with adorable Halloween treats.

One really fun part of Halloween that kids seem to love the most is Halloween treats that are spooky, silly, or evenjust gross. You can have those kinds of things without making Halloween be terrifying.

The fun Halloween treats in this random range from traditional to unique, and from very easy to extremely elaborate. There are plenty of ideas for a fun Halloween party with friends, or just to add some excitement to your children’s lives. Think of candy eyeballs, melted chocolate, peanut butter spider cookies, candy apples, gummy worms and much more!

Have fun this Halloween, be safe, and enjoy these easy Halloween treats and desserts!

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Halloween Treats and Desserts

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34 Tasty Halloween Treats & Desserts

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