35 Thanksgiving Main Dishes Everyone Will Love

This Thanksgiving, go beyond turkey as the main course and explore a variety of Thanksgiving’s main dishes. Consider options like succulent roasted ham, tender prime rib, or a flavorful glazed ham to diversify your menu. Cranberry sauce, a Thanksgiving essential, can enhance the flavors of these dishes. Elevate your cranberry sauce with spiced chutney, orange relish, or tangy compote to add both flavor and color to your table. By incorporating these delightful alternatives, you’ll create a memorable Thanksgiving feast that caters to all tastes.

Thanksgiving Main Dishes Beyond Turkey

thanksgiving main dishes

This may seem like a silly post – after all, isn’t turkey the main dish at Thanksgiving?

Of course, it is!

There are also about a million and one ways to make turkey (we even have a list of turkey recipes here). However, not everyone likes turkey.  (Pause while everyone gasps in shock and takes a minute to recover.)

So to help those turkey-haters that crop up in your family, this list of Thanksgiving recipes for Thanksgiving main dishes, and a side that you can serve alongside the Thanksgiving menu or along with the turkey. Who knows? Maybe one of these recipes will be a new family tradition! They go perfectly with cranberry sauce and this Fresh Cranberry Salad.

We love family traditions in our home, and Thanksgiving is no exception. And not all are food-related traditions, either! We love reading these Thanksgiving kids’ books as a family, too.

Honestly, Thanksgiving main dishes are really so much fun, no matter what you eat – as long as it tastes good!

Thanksgiving Main Courses


Thanksgiving recipes are essential parts of family traditions, and we keep creating new ones. While turkey remains a classic favorite, there’s no harm in exploring a diverse range of main dishes that can cater to everyone’s tastes, like lamb chops and other main courses. Whether you opt for roasted ham, herb-crusted beef tenderloin, a vegetarian stuffed acorn squash, pecan-crusted salmon, wild mushroom risotto, or a crown roast of pork, these alternatives are sure to bring a touch of novelty to your Thanksgiving celebration.

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Thanksgiving main dishes

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  1. This Pressure Cooker Turkey Breast in the Instant Pot is perfect for the season!I will surely bookmark your page and will come back on thanks giving! These recipes are the best! Thanks for sharing!

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