Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

Here’s a huge list with a variety of 60 recipes for leftover Thanksgiving turkey! This Thanksgiving, make soups, casseroles, and more with these easy, healthy recipes made with leftover turkey.

One of the most amazing things about Thanksgiving (aside from time with family) is the food. And the leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

When we think of Thanksgiving, our minds often go to the delicious dinner full of turkey, side dishes, and pie. If you love turkey, you should check out these 25 unique Thanksgiving turkey recipes.

Each year, dozens of hours go into preparing and eating turkey, pies, and more.  However, you often end up with leftovers that go for days! Especially when you cook up too much turkey for your family gathering.

In our home, we often get sick of turkey sandwiches a couple of days later.  So we decided to round up 60 delicious recipes that you can use your leftover turkey with!

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

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leftover Thanksgiving turkey

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  1. My wife was looking for a way out of cooking a turkey this year, but then I won one in a local raffle! Haha! A lot of these recipes for leftover Thanksgiving turkey sound delicious—especially the Creole Turkey Chile!

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