60 Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

Explore 60 diverse leftover turkey recipes to savor your Thanksgiving feast to the fullest. This year, let your turkey leftovers shine with delightful options, from soups to casseroles. These health-conscious recipes will invigorate your post-Thanksgiving meals. From turkey pot pies to soothing turkey and wild rice soups, these dishes will elevate your leftovers into culinary delights.

With a range from sandwiches to salads, your Thanksgiving turkey will remain a star ingredient long after the holiday. Anticipate the days following Thanksgiving, relishing every morsel of your cherished turkey leftovers. Waste not a single bite; these creative and satisfying leftover turkey recipes have you covered.

Transforming Best Leftover Turkey Recipes For Thanksgiving Dinner

One of the most amazing things about Thanksgiving (aside from time with family) is the food. And the best leftover turkey. Thanksgiving turkey.

When we think of Thanksgiving, our minds often go to the delicious dinner full of turkey, side dishes, and pie. If you love turkey, you should check out these 25 unique Thanksgiving turkey recipes.

Each year, dozens of hours go into preparing and eating turkey, pies, and more.  However, you frequently end up with leftovers that go for days! Especially when you cook up too much turkey for your family gathering.

In our home, we frequently get sick of leftover turkey salad and sandwiches a couple of days later.  So we decided to round up 60 delicious recipes that you can use your leftover turkey with!

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes


These leftover turkey recipes are your ticket to savoring Thanksgiving’s culinary delights long after the holiday has passed. Whether you’re in the mood for a comforting soup, a hearty casserole, or something a bit more exotic, these recipes have got you covered. Don’t let a single bite of your cherished Thanksgiving turkey go to waste. Get creative with these delectable ideas and make the most of your holiday feast!

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  1. My wife was looking for a way out of cooking a turkey this year, but then I won one in a local raffle! Haha! A lot of these recipes for leftover Thanksgiving turkey sound delicious—especially the Creole Turkey Chile!

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