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60 Recipes for Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

by Tiffany

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Here’s a huge list with a variety of 60 recipes for leftover Thanksgiving turkey!  This Thanksgiving, make soups, casseroles, and more with these easy, healthy recipes made with leftover turkey.

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One of the most amazing things about Thanksgiving (aside from time with family) is the food.

Each year, dozens of hours go into preparing and eating turkey, pies, and more.  However, you often end up with leftovers that go for days!

In our home, we often get sick of turkey sandwiches a couple of days later.  So we decided to round up 60 delicious recipes that you can use your leftover turkey with!

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Leftover Turkey Quesadillas

Put that leftover Thanksgiving turkey to good use and make these Leftover Turkey Quesadillas with Black Beans.

Tetrazzini Casserole with Leftover Turkey

This easy Tetrazzini Casserole can be made with your leftovers! Take what is left of your turkey from Thanksgiving and turn it into dinner for tomorrow!

Fragrant Moroccan Turkey Stew

This spiced Turkey Stew is the perfect 20-minute meal to feed you on cold fall and winter nights. Leftover turkey, apricots, chickpeas, apple juice and spices combine into a fragrant comforting stew that friends and family alike would love.

Killer Cranberry Cream Cheese Turkey Sandwich

This Killer Cranberry Cream Cheese Turkey Sandwich combines some of your favorite Thanksgiving leftovers into one easy to make, mouthwatering sandwich.

Leftover Turkey and Mashed Potatoes Fritters

These easy to make fritters are perfect for using up leftover turkey and mashed potatoes.

Turkey Turnovers

Leftover turkey never tasted so good! Make great use of leftover turkey (or chicken) with this fast and easy to make Turkey Turnover recipe.

Smoked Turkey Noodle Soup

This Turkey Noodle soup is the perfect way to use up leftover turkey! Left overs can be the best part of holiday meals!

Low Carb Turkey Stuffing Waffles using Leftovers

These low carb turkey stuffing waffles are the perfect way to eat those Thanksgiving leftovers. Easy to whip up and you can eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Only 1.4g net carbs each!

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Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Cristo

This Thanksgiving leftover turkey cristo is a most delicious way to eat your leftover turkey and cranberry sauce. The special sauce makes it!

Sweet Potato and Leftover Turkey Homemade Dog Treats

These easy, 4-ingredient Homemade Dog Treats are the perfect way to use up leftover Thanksgiving turkey! Even better, though? They freeze beautifully, and make darling DIY holiday gifts for all the beloved pups in your life!

Mashed Potato Stuffing Cakes

A delicious recipe for Mashed Potato Stuffing Cakes with mashed potatoes, stuffing and even turkey. Perfect for Thanksgiving leftovers, or Christmas dinner leftovers.

Turkey Pot Pie

This easy one-pot Turkey Pot Pie recipe includes roasted turkey, vegetables, a creamy sauce and flaky crust to make a comforting dinner in under an hour.

Easy Leftover Turkey and Pear Pizza Recipe

This Easy Leftover Turkey and Pear Pizza recipe uses leftover Thanksgiving turkey, sliced pears, mozzarella cheese and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar for a delicious appetizer or meal. This recipe also features an easy pizza crust that requires only two ingredients.

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Turkey Soup

This delicious Turkey soup is a great way of getting a comforting, wholesome meal out of leftovers. Use this recipe after Thanksgiving, Christmas or whenever you have a roast dinner, it’s so simple, packed with flavor and can even be prepared ahead of time and frozen.

Deep Fried Thanksgiving Bites

Forget turkey sandwiches, use your Thanksgiving leftovers in a way that will make you say WOW! with these Deep Fried Thanksgiving bites!

Gluten Free Turkey Enchilada Bake

Exciting flavors of the southwest almost melt in your mouth with this delicious healthier enchilada bake. Gluten free.

Leftover Turkey, Cranberry & Brie Panini

Not only is Thanksgiving the best meal, it’s also the meal that keeps on giving! And the best of the best leftovers are definitely turkey sandwiches!  But a leftover turkey sandwich on a Panini press, now that is something to get really excited about!

Roasted Turkey & Black Currant Brie Bites

This turkey brie appetizer recipe is a real boon during the busy holiday season because we’re busy enough, right? And it only takes a few minutes to throw together. It’s also a little different than the typical appies and casually elegant enough for any gathering. This is also a great recipe for using up your leftover turkey.

Leftover Turkey, Chestnut & Cranberry Pie

Let’s be honest, most of us overspend and prepare too much food for Thanksgiving, and invariably there are lots of tidbits leftover which can be turned into meals for days afterwards! Since this pie is all about leftover turkey, how much you put in, and what you put into your pie is up to you!

Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Turkey Stuffed Peppers are an easy, healthy and super delicious dish that is perfect for dinner. They are stuffed with brown rice, ground turkey, onion, garlic and are one of the most satisfying meals you will ever make.

Turkey Tetrazzini Recipe

Turkey Tetrazzini is the perfect way to use some leftover turkey meat. This casserole is very easy to make, hearty, delicious and the leftovers are great.

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Turkey Pot Pie

Made in a cast iron skillet with seasonal sweet potatoes, fresh rosemary and a hint of smoked paprika, this Turkey Pot Pie is the perfect way to use up the last of your Thanksgiving turkey leftovers!

Turkey Chili

A thick & hearty Turkey Chili that’s perfect for using up leftover Thanksgiving turkey! Today’s recipe is made with leftover shredded turkey, this chili has an incredible flavor (special thanks to a key ingredient) and can be on your table in under an hour!

Leftover Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

Transform nearly all of your Thanksgiving leftovers into a scrumptious new meal. This shepherd’s pie recipe is made with succulent chunks of turkey and mixed vegetables in a brown gravy sauce. It’s topped with cheesy mashed potatoes and baked till golden brown.

Mini Turkey Pot Pies

Succulent chunks of turkey and a medley of colorful vegetables in a creamy white sauce, all wrapped up in a flaky pastry crust, make these individual turkey pot pies a perfect comfort food.

Ultimate Leftover Turkey Breakfast Sandwich

There’s no better way to use up leftover Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey than the Ultimate Leftover Turkey Breakfast Sandwich. Holiday turkey layered over a patty of mashed potatoes and stuffing, melted provolone, and topped with a fried egg.

Creole Turkey Chili

Flavor bomb after flavor bomb goes off in your mouth with every bite of this super easy Creole turkey chili. Leftover cooked turkey swims in a caramelized Cajun trinity base that gets jazzed up with garlic and just the right spices. Creole white beans, stewed tomatoes, and tomatoes with green chilis cook down with the veggies and turkey until it’s all one big pot of creamy, kinda spicy yum-deliciousness.

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Baked Brie Bacon and Turkey Melt with Balsamic Glaze

Baked Brie Bacon and Turkey Melt with Honey Balsamic Glaze. Gooey, silky, crispy, crunchy deli-style turkey melt. Melted baked brie and bacon added to create a perfect sandwich.

Leftover Turkey Apple Salad

This Leftover Turkey Apple Salad is a twist on the classic chicken salad and a great way to use up that leftover turkey! Ready in just 10 minutes.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Risotto

While most people enjoy the classics like turkey sandwiches and turkey soups, many others also like to make unique dishes with their leftover turkey.  One of the best is a Thanksgiving Leftovers Risotto.

leftover Thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving Leftovers Potato Skins

These Thanksgiving Leftovers Potato Skins are a great way to use up all of your leftovers in a fun and unique way when you are sick of the sandwiches and soups.

Leftover Turkey Soup with Noodles

Leftover turkey soup is the perfect way to use up your Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey! Fragrant broth with noodles and topped with a soft boiled egg will get rid of your post holiday blues.

Quick and Easy Leftover Turkey Curry

This leftover turkey curry recipe is great for using up Thanksgiving or Christmas leftovers. It’s healthy and quick to make so perfect for the busy holiday season!

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Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup

Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup is one of the best comfort meals, ever. The homemade noodles make this something that you and your family will not only enjoy, but remember.

Leftover Turkey and Hatch Chile White Chili Soup

This quick and easy leftover turkey and hatch chile white chili soup is so simple! Change it up with garbanzo beans instead of pinto beans for a fun new flavor.

Canned Turkey

Canning turkey at home saves a lot of freezer space and allows you to put ready to eat, home cooked meals right on your pantry shelf. It doesn’t matter whether you’re canning leftover turkey after Thanksgiving or raw packing turkey meat directly into canning jars, the process is simple and straightforward.

leftover Thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey Egg Rolls Recipe

Thanksgiving turkey egg rolls are the most delicious way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers. A crispy, golden brown egg roll wrapper surrounds your favorite Thanksgiving flavors. Dip in leftover gravy or spread on extra cranberry sauce. You might make these for the Thanksgiving meal next year!

Thanksgiving Poutine Recipe

One of the most delicious ways to use Thanksgiving leftovers to make this easy turkey poutine recipe. Instead of a turkey sandwich serve the leftover turkey, gravy and cranberry sauce over crispy sweet potato fries and melty cheese curds to make turkey poutine. This recipe is so delicious, you might make Turkey poutine year round!

Leftover Turkey Hand Pies with Cranberry and Boursin

Leftover Turkey — what should you do with it? Try these yummy Hand Pies with Cranberry and Boursin. Use all your leftovers: pie crust dough, turkey, cranberry sauce, and just add a little Boursin cheese to pull it all together. It’s delightful!

Turkey Pot Pie Turnovers

Instead of making a traditional turkey pot pie with your Thanksgiving leftovers, change it up by baking these delicious turnovers!

Turkey Noodle Soup Recipe

This warm, inviting Turkey Noodle Soup recipe is a taste-of-home-cooking recipe you will return to many times over.

Turkey and Dumplings

Chicken and dumplings is a staple down here in the South. A recipe every Southern momma should have locked and loaded under her belt on any given cold and dreary day. However, cold and dreary are certainly not required for making them scrumptious soup. No, it is well-received on just about any occasion, but especially so a day or two after Thanksgiving. Turkey sandwiches, see ya later. When it comes to leftover holiday turkey, we are rolling out the red carpet for Turkey and Dumplings.

Turkey Salad Recipe

A simple Turkey Salad Recipe perfect for sandwiches, spreading on crackers, or topping off a bed full of mixed greens! It’s easy to make at home, even if you don’t have leftover Thanksgiving turkey on hand — however, if you do, now you’re talking really easy!

leftover Thanksgiving turkey

Leftover Turkey Noodle Casserole

When you get tired of turkey sandwiches, whip up a creamy pan of Leftover Turkey Noodle Casserole to enjoy that Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey. You may just decide it’s so good, you don’t want to wait for turkey leftovers to make it!

Turketti {aka: Leftover Turkey Spaghetti Casserole}

Creamy spaghetti loaded with chopped leftover turkey and slathered with cheese, Turketti {aka: Leftover Turkey Spaghetti Casserole} debuted to rave reviews with our kiddos. It’s an easy, tasty way to enjoy those turkey leftovers. Not to mention, it’s just got a fun name, don’t you think?

Creamy Turkey Mushroom Soup

Making a few simple changes to a classic recipe, Creamy Turkey Mushroom Soup becomes a healthy, low carb soup that soesn’t skimp on taste!

Leftover Turkey & Wild Rice Soup

A hearty, leftover turkey soup, this recipe is loaded with delicious goodies, and it’s the easiest way to use up any leftover turkey meat in your fridge. Using only one pot, this turkey and wild rice soup is a great way to avoid food waste, meal-prep, and eat healthy during one of the busiest times of the year!

Leftover Turkey Salad with Cream Cheese and Pomegranates

This turkey salad recipe is a great way to use up your holiday leftovers! But far from stale, this creamy turkey salad gets its fresh taste from pomegranate seeds, celery and lemon zest.

Instant Pot Turkey Chili with Andouille Sausage

This Instant Pot Turkey Chili is just the stuff to warm you up this winter season. Packed with spicy Andouille sausage, chunks of juicy turkey, corn, green chilies and Fritos, this easy turkey chili is the perfect way to use up that leftover turkey!

leftover Thanksgiving turkey

Turkey Empanadas

Wondering what to do with your Thanksgiving leftovers? Make EMPANADAS (hand pies)! Use Thanksgiving leftover turkey, ham, mashed potatoes or stuffing baked into homemade or store-bought pie crust.

Easy Leftover Turkey Pot Pie with Bacon

The easy leftover Turkey Pot Pie is literally the BEST way to use that leftover Thanksgiving turkey. With it’s flaky pie crust, crumbled bacon, diced turkey and vegetables all mixed up in the best creamy gravy you can ever imagine, you’re going to want to make this all year round!

Grandma’s Turkey a la King Recipe

Turkey a la king is a family favorite way to use up leftover turkey. If the question is what to do with leftover turkey? The answer in our household is make turkey a la king. If you find yourself with a lot of turkey leftovers the day after a holiday, give this turkey a la king recipe a try.

Turkey Pasta Bake with Veggies and Cheese

When preparing a turkey or whole chicken for Thanksgiving, there usually are also have several sides to go with it. Having a plate full of meat, veggies, and sides usually means an abundance of leftovers. This turkey pasta bake is a quick and easy way to utilize those yummy portions that may, otherwise, go uneaten. The dish is equally as delicious with either turkey or chicken, which makes this a versatile option all year round.

Leftover Turkey Stew in the Slow Cooker Crock Pot

Not sure what to do with all the turkey leftovers? Why not make a yummy leftover turkey stew in the slow cooker crock pot!

leftover Thanksgiving turkey

Turkey Tomato Spinach and Garlic Crostini

Have you ever just had enough leftover Turkey for a small sandwich, but when it comes to making that sandwich it does not sound appetizing? Well, here’s the perfect fix to that problem! With a few extra ingredients, you can make a full of flavor healthy Turkey Tomato Spinach and Garlic Crostini.

Smoked Turkey Enchiladas with Black Beans and Corn

Save time and money by transforming those leftovers in your fridge into a completely new dish. These Smoked Turkey Enchiladas with Black Beans and Corn are a family favorite!! And they don’t even realize they are eating leftovers!!!!

Simple Turkey Tortellini Soup

Let’s work on transforming those leftovers to help save time and money! Today you can make a Simple Turkey Tortellini Soup.

Turkey Crunch Salad

Do you have lots of turkey left over from Thanksgiving? If so, you need to make this Turkey Crunch Salad. This salad is fantastic for a light lunch as well as elegant enough to serve dinner guests! The perfect solution to leftover turkey!

leftover Thanksgiving turkey

Turkey Thai Curry

Rich Thai curry paste, red and green peppers, lemongrass paste, and leftover turkey come together for the best Thai curry recipe. Pair with tender rice, and you have an easy turkey curry dish.

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Cranberry Grilled Sandwich

If you’re wondering what to do with leftover Thanksgiving turkey and cranberry sauce, here’s an idea! Stuff them into a grilled sandwich along with grated gruyere, fresh tarragon and a bit of homemade orange tarragon mustard. It makes for a refreshing change after days of the same!

Leftover Turkey Salad Recipe

Tired of eating leftover Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey several days in a row? This delicious turkey salad recipe transforms your leftover turkey into something amazing and totally different!

Smoked Turkey Chili Recipe

This Smoked Turkey Chili Recipe is the perfect way to use up any leftover turkey from holiday dinners. Some basic dinners are always a go-to but sometimes it’s nice to find a new way to spice up those boring leftover meals.

Smoked Turkey Noodle Soup Recipe

This Smoked Turkey Noodle Soup Recipe is the perfect way to use up leftover turkey from holiday dinners.  This soup even makes use of the turkey bones/carcass as well to flavor the soup!

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leftover Thanksgiving turkey

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