Wild Kratts Birthday Party

Your child will have a lot of fun with these Wild Kratts birthday party ideas! Celebrate another year with fun animal-themed Wild Kratts birthday party games, food, and activities!

Our oldest turned seven years old last week, and we had a family birthday party.

She chose the theme of Wild Kratts, which we were happy to oblige! As you can tell from her insect-themed sixth birthday, she definitely loves living creatures!

Usually we supplement the fun with these birthday freebies, but we weren’t able to do so this year because of COVID-19.

In spite of that, we were still able to have a fantastic birthday weekend!

wild kratts birthday party gift

Wild Kratts Birthday Party Decor

We are pretty simple with decor in our home, and we also like to live frugally.

I really struggled with the idea of paying $10 or more on Amazon for a Wild Kratts Birthday Party banner that was only going to be used one time.

So I was really excited to find this free Wild Kratts Birthday Party banner that was available for free to print out! Also, PBS (the creators of Wild Kratts) has this free printable bunting, along with lots of other neat free ideas on their website for a Wild Kratts birthday party!

Part of the decor was her birthday present – an anole lizard with habitat (picture above).

Wild Kratts Birthday Party Games and Activities

With having a two month old, I did not have a lot of time to go all-out. I had originally planned to make these clever creature power suits, but it simply wasn’t able to happen.

Instead, I had these simple birthday buttons that we used to make our own creature power suits (as in, I pinned them onto the clothes that they were wearing). She chose a panda, and he chose a crab. You could also print these free creature power discs.

While we did some of the setup, we let her open this Wild Kratts book and she read it to her brother while they waited.

One of their favorite animals is the axolotl, so one option is to do this Easy Axolotl Craft as well, or do this shark headband craft.

wild kratts birthday party game

We then played this fun Wild Kratts board game that I found on Amazon. It was extremely simple, so they can even play it by themselves now.

If you want more activity and game ideas, here are some that I found around the internet:

wild kratts birthday party food

Wild Kratts Birthday Party Food

Originally I thought about trying to make this simple Tortuga cake, but the birthday girl decided she wanted to have cupcakes instead.

So I made red velvet cupcakes (from a box) and then topped it with this delicious cream cheese frosting. Next time, I think I’ll also add in this kool aid ice cream.

To make them fit the theme, I bought these Wild Kratts cupcake toppers on Amazon. They worked perfectly! It came with more toppers than we needed, so I cut the tabs off the rest and the kids have been using them as power discs all week.

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Wild Kratts Birthday Party

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