35+ Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Freeze

Here is a list of more than 35 foods you can freeze! Make your produce and cooked food last longer.

Food You Can Freeze

You also may want to check out our post on 12 easy make-ahead freezer meals. Also you may be interested in these freezer meals cookbooks.

If you know of any other foods we could add to this list, please let us know in the comments!


Can be frozen in the pouches or cups they come in, but be careful the cups don’t break when removed from the freezer.


Peel and cut up.  Best if used in guacamole after thawing or smoothies as frozen ice cubes.

Bread (and other baked goods)

Just put in the toaster to defrost a slice or two at a time.


Freeze in ice cube trays and transfer to baggies

Baby food

Freeze in ice cube trays and transfer to baggies.  Do NOT store in glass jars, as the glass may shatter into tiny shards


Freeze raw in individual strips rolled up or with wax paper in between them.  That makes it easier to


Do not freeze in the can or a glass jar.  You can freeze the entire thing together, or you can freeze it into individual ice cubes (depending on how you’re planning on using it).


Freeze in straight cubes and defrost in the fridge.


Check out this post of make-ahead freezer meals that includes several casseroles.  We also love this tater tot casserole as a great food you can freeze!


Blocked cheese will be crumbly when it is defrosted, so either pre-slice it or use it just for shredded cheese.


Yes, you can freeze chips in a bag!  They only take minutes to defrost.


For the best results, store in the refrigerate first for a few days, then transfer to the freezer.

Cooke dough (homemade)

Freeze into individual scoops to cook as many or few as you’d like.  Our favorite cookie recipe is for these sour cream sugar cookies.

Corn on the cob

Freeze on the cob and defrost in the fridge. Perfect food you can freeze!

Cream cheese

The texture changes when frozen and doesn’t spread well.  It works better if used for baking as opposed to on bagels.


Crack into greased muffin tins and break up the yolks to freeze, then transfer to baggies later.  They will be a bit stiff after thawing, so they work best for baking when you will use an electric mixer.


Flour is actually a food that should be stored in the freezer if you are going to have it on-hand long-term.  It helps protect against weevils.

Fruit (berries, bananas, lemons/limes)

These don’t defrost well to eat plain, but they do great for smoothies and baking.  We love freezing older bananas and making banana bread!

Garlic cloves


Ginger is actually easier to grate when frozen.


Quinoa, farro, and bulgur are just a few that freeze well.  Like flour, freezing can help guard against weevils.


Heavy cream will not freeze well.


They will be limp if frozen by themselves, but you put in ice cube trays with olive oil.

food you can freeze

Jams and jellies

Don’t miss out on our recipe for delicious homemade strawberry jam. It’s a great food you can freeze!


Lunchmeat, roasts, and harmburger are a few examples.  Freezing meat from the manager’s specials section is one of the ways we stay in our $42 weekly grocery budget.


Just take out half a cup or so to prevent the jug from splitting.  We do this frequently when we stock up on discounted milk products as part of our monthly meal planning.

food you can freeze


The oils after a few weeks at room temperature start to go bad, so freezing helps preserve them.

Pasta (cooked)

Love pasta?  Don’t miss our recipe for instant pot spaghetti!

Pasta sauce

We love using pasta sauce for lasagna and mini pizza muffins.

Peanut butter (organic)

Rice (cooked)

It’s great to have a bunch of rice already cooked up when you want to make chicken and broccoli curry casserole.

Smoked fish

The best way to freeze it is to vacuum seal it first.



Defrost in the fridge, not in the microwave


Freezing will make it a bit more dense. It’s a great food you can freeze!

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food you can freeze

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