7 Benefits of Joining a Prenatal Yoga Class

Still undecided whether to join prenatal yoga classes? Here are some of the top reasons to start your classes. Prenatal yoga classes offer benefits that will improve your experience during pregnancy and childbirth. It will help prepare your body and avert complications that might affect you or your baby.

Exercising is always a good idea, but when you get pregnant, you should take it slow. One of the best ways you can exercise when pregnant is through prenatal yoga, which helps you stay flexible and in shape.

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What is Prenatal Yoga?

Like other types of childbirth preparation, prenatal yoga follows a multifaceted approach to workout that encourages mental centering, stretching, and breathing.

Prenatal yoga is safe, and you can do it at home by following prenatal yoga videos for beginners. Just ensure a licensed yoga trainer provides the content. For the best safety, consider joining a class.

Choosing prenatal yoga does not just benefit you, but it’s also important for your baby. Since the body undergoes many physical changes when pregnant, yoga helps you adapt to these changes.

Your family will also be changing! If this isn’t your first child, then consider doing yoga with your children at home with parent and me yoga for your family.

Prenatal Yoga Class Benefits

Here are 7 reasons you should embrace prenatal yoga.

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1. Gives a Healthy Pregnancy

Research has confirmed that a healthy mother will likely have healthy babies. A 2012 study revealed that women who joined yoga classes during pregnancy were less likely to deliver a low-birthright baby or experience preterm labor. The earlier you get started with the program, the better the results because it gives the body enough time to adjust to the new routine.

During prenatal yoga exercise, you practice breathing, postures, gentle stretching, and cool down and relaxation. These exercises will help you avoid shortness of breath during pregnancy and ensure good balance.

Unlike doing yoga at home unassisted, joining classes ensures you only do exercises that fit your stage of pregnancy and body. Besides the benefits of a healthy baby and delivery that’s free of complications, you’ll avoid situations that might be risky to you and the baby.

2. Support Your Changing Body 

The biggest change you experience during pregnancy is physical. This means you’ll experience changes in different muscle groups, and to remain in good shape, you need to compensate for the changes with a good workout.

Prenatal yoga exercises are designed to support your body’s changes through different stages of your pregnancy. You’ll be able to stretch your muscles and strengthen your lower body in particular, which will offer support to the growing belly.

3. Better Sleep

Many pregnant women complain about lack of sleep. The American Pregnancy Association estimates that about 78% of pregnant women suffer insomnia, which could come with symptoms such as:

  • Not feeling refreshed after sleep
  • Difficulty falling back to sleep
  • Trouble falling asleep
  • Waking up during the night

Not having enough sleep could be detrimental to pregnancy, causing ill-effects such as a higher chance of cesarean birth and longer labor duration. Maintaining consistent sessions in a prenatal yoga class will prevent many of these problems and ensure you get sufficient and quality sleep.

Prenatal Yoga Class Benefits

4. Build a Support System 

Nine months is quite a long period to be away from people you can relate to. Other pregnant moms will be easy to relate to because you can share about your journeys while also practicing yoga prenatal poses.

Prenatal yoga classes are a safe space where you can connect with like-minded women going through the same stage of life. The bonds you build here could last throughout the pregnancy and beyond.

Prenatal Yoga Class Benefits

5. Prepare for Labor and Delivery 

One of the prenatal yoga benefits you should pursue is achieving bearable labor and smooth delivery. It’s a priority in prenatal yoga classes to teach women how to trust their bodies to handle labor and birth.

Some women are afraid during childbirth, so they tighten up, which leads to the fear-tension-pain cycle. This cycle can sabotage your effort to remain calm in labor. Yoga methods of mindful breathing can help your body relax and loosen and support you to achieve a ‘mammalian place’, which lets your body perform what it’s instinctively adapted to do: give birth.

Prenatal Yoga Class Benefits

6. Reduce Depression and Anxiety 

If you have anxiety and depression, the fluctuating hormones and stress can make it worse. Being depressed during pregnancy puts you at a high risk of having a premature birth or other complications.

Doing prenatal yoga at home for beginners could be a good way to reduce depression and anxiety symptoms. You can achieve this without requiring prescription medication.

Yoga with regular meditation helps you be self-aware and prepared to handle difficult emotions. 

And one benefit of the down-time is time to think and reflect. This is a huge bonus when you’re trying to come up with old-fashioned baby names.

Prenatal Yoga Class Benefits

7. Bonds Mom and Baby 

Joining a prenatal yoga class even if it’s just once a week helps you take time away from your busy home and work life. Doing some easy prenatal yoga exercises will help you bond with the baby.

Since the baby is part of your body, through stretching and breathing, you can create a deep connection that will make you love the pregnancy even more.

As you’re doing your prenatal yoga exercises, you can think about your baby and come up with ideas for him or her, like choosing between these adorable whimsical baby names.

When Should You Start a Prenatal Yoga Class?

It’s common for women to wonder when they should start pregnancy yoga. Many obstetricians recommend pregnant women to embrace yoga because of the benefits you can enjoy from the exercises.

If you’ve never tried yoga before, it’s recommended to begin your prenatal yoga classes in the first trimester. Breathwork and meditation are great for the first trimester and are ideal even if you’ve never done yoga before the pregnancy.

If you’re not sure you’re ready to join prenatal yoga classes, consult a certified trainer for assistance.

Conclusion of Prenatal Yoga Class Benefits

Joining yoga classes during pregnancy is the best way to alleviate stress and depression. It’s also a perfect way to prepare your body for childbirth as the exercises keep you flexible and strong to handle the different physical changes that happen during pregnancy.

Be sure to accompany physical fitness with a diet that supports your baby’s growth while also allowing you to gain the strength you need.

What other benefits of prenatal yoga would you recommend?

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  1. It is good to know that prenatal yoga also helps reduce depression and anxiety since that puts a woman at a high risk of having a premature birth or other complications. My first-time pregnant friend told me that she’s sometimes having anxiety, especially now that she’s just 3 months away from her delivery. If doing yoga will be able to reduce her anxiety, then I’ll convince her to immediately enroll in prenatal yoga classes.

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