28 Thanksgiving Appetizers and Side Dishes

When we think of Thanksgiving, our minds often go to the delicious dinner full of turkey and pie.

However, what makes each Thanksgiving dinner truly unique (apart from Great-Aunt Myrtle (every family’s got one!) is the side dishes that are a part of each family’s traditions. Side dishes make a perfect pairing with any of these 25 Thanksgiving turkey recipes!

We love family traditions in our home, and Thanksgiving is no exception. And not all are food-related traditions, either! We love reading these Thanksgiving kids books as a family, too.

Honestly, Thanksgiving is really so much fun, no matter what you eat – as long as it tastes good!

We’ve rounded up a bunch of our favorite side dishes and appetizers for you so that you can make this year’s Thanksgiving feast truly spectacular!   To get even more, we have another post with over 150 appetizers and side dishes for Thanksgiving here.

Thanksgiving Appetizers and Side Dishes

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Thanksgiving appetizer or side dish

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