28 Thanksgiving Appetizers and Side Dishes

While the main course often takes center stage at Thanksgiving feasts, don’t overlook the importance of appetizers and side dishes! Here's a list of 28 Thanksgiving side dishes and appetizers that go beyond the traditional.

This delicious Thanksgiving appetizer recipe for homemade cranberry salad is made with fresh cranberries! It makes a delicious side dish at any Thanksgiving feast.

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Homemade Fresh Cranberry Apple Salad

Replace green bean casserole at your Thanksgiving dinner table with a healthier option:  roasted parmesan green beans!   It’s also simple enough to have any time, not just on a special occasion.

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Roasted Parmesan Green Beans

This Green Bean Artichoke Casserole Recipe is perfect for Thanksgiving! The combination of crunchy fried onions, creamy soup, and savory seasonings create a flavorful dish.

Green Bean Artichoke Casserole

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Cheesy potatoes are an easy side dish that can be made for Thanksgiving! This recipe for easy cheesy potatoes puts a new twist on a traditional side dish with 2 secret ingredients that make it even more delicious than traditional.

Easy Cheesy Potatoes with 2 Secret Ingredients 

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This light and fluffy pumpkin traditional spinach dip is the perfect appetizer for your Thanksgiving menu!  Serve it with green apples, ginger snap cookies, and Nilla wafers to get the perfeect sweet & savory fall combo.

Spinach Dip Served in a Pumpkin

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Deviled eggs are a staple for many holidays, and this is the best-deviled egg recipe for Thanksgiving! Adorable turkeys that you can eat - the kids will love them!  They're the perfect Thanksgiving appetizer for your feast.

Turkey Deviled Eggs for Thanksgiving

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Easy Cranberry Baked Brie Recipe is a fast Thanksgiving appetizer that your guests will love!  Creamy, crispy, runny-centered baked brie topped with cranberry sauce, roasted pecans blue cheese, thyme, and bacon.

Easy Cranberry Baked Brie with Thyme

Photo: happykitchen.rocks

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