9 Free Christmas Printables & Games for Kids

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Do your children ever feel bored during Christmas break since they are not in school?  Get your kids into the spirit of Christmas and help them learn at the same time with these free educational Christmas games and printables for children!  Enjoy the time as a family during the holiday season by doing these Christmas activities together!

Fun Christmas Wordsearch Printable

Get your kids excited for Christmas with this fun festive word search puzzle. 12 Christmas words are hidden in the grid – can you find them all?

Do your kids want to help decorate the Christmas tree? Here are 39 DIY Christmas ornaments kids can make!

Christmas Bingo Set

Playing Bingo at holiday parties is a fun tradition for many families, and this one is no exception! With the game being all images, it’s easy for kids of all ages to play. So go grab some Christmas candy, print out the Bingo sets, and get playing!

Making Christmas cookies is a favorite holiday tradition, especially for children. Here are 13 cute Christmas cookies that kids can make!

Christmas Word Search Printable Worksheet

A Christmas Word Search printable worksheet with 20 Christmas themed vocabulary words. Perfect for the classroom or as a fun Christmas activity at home.

Are you throwing a Christmas party this year? Here are 34 festive finger foods for kids!

Free Printable Grinch Word Search

Celebrate the holidays with this Free Printable Grinch Word Search!  Combine word searches and the Grinch together.  It will be such a fun and stress-free way to celebrate the holidays with friends, classroom, or family.

Make Christmas crafts as a family with these 17 simple Christmas crafts for kids!

Free Printable Christmas Bookmarks

Download Free Printable Christmas Bookmarks for kids of all ages to color this holiday!  This activity will give kids (of all ages!) time to enjoy coloring as well as have something to encourage reading over the holiday break.

Help your child understand the spirit of gift-giving with these 19 easy Christmas gifts that kids can make themselves!

DIY Elf Kids Craft

Need a quick kid’s craft that your kids will love putting together? Try these paper DIY elves!  Get out that construction paper, glue, and let’s make some elves!  Tape the elf to the wall and enjoy your little one in elf form! Would be fun to even make an elf for each member of the family!!

Want to add more meaning to your Christmas holiday? Don’t miss any of our Christmas posts!

24 Christmas Kindness Activities

Every December, we hear about the Naughty and Nice list.  Help your kids focus on kindness this December with these 24 daily Christmas Kindness Activities that can be turned into a Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar.

Snowman Christmas Countdown Craft

Are your kids constantly asking you how many more days until Christmas? Make this fun Christmas craft so your kids will always know how many days until Santa arrives. This Snowman Countdown Calendar is perfect for little hands to help make and practice counting backwards.

Christmas Lights and Decorations Scavenger Hunt

One popular Christmas tradition is driving around together, sipping hot cocoa, and looking at neighborhood Christmas lights. Both grownups and kiddos {and the dog too} enjoy this, and this scavenger hunt makes it even more fun!

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