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17 Simple Christmas Crafts for Kids to Create

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Making festive Christmas crafts as a family is a perfect way to get your children into the holiday spirit!  It also helps keep them busy during winter break, away from school.  Here are some simple Christmas crafts that your kids can create this holiday season!

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We have tons more Christmas ideas here!

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Christmas crafts for kids

Cute Reindeer Painted Rocks

Have fun making these adorable reindeer painted rocks! They are super easy to make, and kids can add their own unique touch by adding a colorful bow to their reindeer. Using paint pens to draw in the eyes and nose made this a super simple craft that kids as young as preschool would be able to do without much assistance. These reindeer rocks would also make a great Christmas ornament, just glue on some string to the back of your rock and you have a lovely reindeer ornament for your tree.

Felt Christmas Tree – DIY Superhero and Princess Christmas Tree for Kids

Felt Christmas Tree craft with templates for all of your child’s favorite Characters including Superheros, Minions, Ninja Turtles and Princesses.  Best of all, this is so simple that your kids can help make it!  It is the perfect alternative for your littles to touch and play with (without destroying the real Christmas tree).

Christmas crafts for kids

How to Make “Bleached” Pinecones Without Bleach

Do you love the gorgeous look of bleached pinecones? They have a farmhouse look and feel and are perfect for any Christmas decor. Recreate this look without the use of toxic bleach so your kids can participate! Check out this quick and easy DIY and learn how to make bleached pine cones without the bleach. The method is all-natural and only takes a few minutes of hands-on time.

Illuminated Snow Scene in a Jar

Snow globes are like a little magical place inside of a jar.  And it’s not only the glass and the scene inside. . . if it’s lit, it’s even more magical.  Learn how you and your kids can make your very own illuminated snow scene right inside of a mason jar.

Do your kids want to help decorate the Christmas tree? Here are 39 DIY Christmas ornaments kids can make!

Christmas crafts for kids

Creating With Kids – Easy Rag Wreath Christmas Ornaments

Looking for a fun and easy project that you can make with the kids to help everyone get into the holiday spirit?

These easy rag wreath ornaments are quick and simply to make and if your children can tie a basic knot (like the the first knot in tying their shoes) they can help make these cute ornaments to hang on your tree at home or to gift to family and friends. Here’s what you need.

Christmas crafts for kids

Snowman Christmas Countdown Craft

Are your kids constantly asking you how many more days until Christmas? Make this fun Christmas craft so your kids will always know how many days until Santa arrives. This Snowman Countdown Calendar is perfect for little hands to help make.

Are you throwing a Christmas party this year? Here are 34 festive finger foods for kids!

Mini Rustic Christmas Wreaths

Christmas is the season for handmade decorations and gifts. Handmade gifts bring back the happy, nostalgic memories that define the Christmas season. As much as everyone adores handmade gifts, most of us don’t have time for complicated crafts. These mini rustic Christmas wreaths are handmade charming and you and your kids can make one in just minutes. Really.

Christmas crafts for kids

Superhero Christmas Decorations – Superhero Village

Printable templates for your kids to make their own superhero village. Templates include Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Black Panther

Making Christmas cookies is a favorite holiday tradition, especially for children. Here are 13 cute Christmas cookies that kids can make!

Christmas crafts for kids

Yarn Pom Pom Snowball Fight Kit

Help the kids make a yarn pom pom snowball fight kit and have fun playing even if it’s not a white Christmas where you live.

Snowball fights are always good winter fun, but what if you live somewhere where it doesn’t snow?  Make your own DIY Snowball Fight Kit! This snowball fight kit is the perfect Christmas craft for kids to do, because it’s as simple as making fluffy, soft yarn pom poms.

Penguin Shaped Card

Help your kids practice their scissor skills with this easy Christmas card making project. Download the free template to create this cute little Penguin card. All you need is some black, white and either orange, yellow or gold card, plus a couple of googly eyes and some glue or double-sided tape.

Help your child understand the spirit of gift-giving with these 19 easy Christmas gifts that kids can make themselves!

Christmas crafts for kids

Rudolph Gift Tags – Easy Christmas Craft

Make these cute and easy Rudolph Gift Tags, an easy Christmas craft kids can do.  These quick and easy Rudolph Gift Tags are so cute. The best part is they are super easy to make with a few craft supplies. You still have time to make them this year, or Pin them to your favorite Christmas Craft Board for next year.

Upcycled Book Page Christmas Wreath

Looking for a simple wreath that your kids can help you make for the Christmas season?  This wreath is inexpensive and easy to make! It’s a great Christmas craft for kids!

Enjoy Christmas break with these free educational Christmas printables and games for kids!

Christmas crafts for kids

DIY Christmas Candy Wrapper

There are many occasions during the holiday season when your kids will want to give a small gift to someone.  Making these DIY Christmas candy wrappers are so easy and meet so many different gift needs. Plus, they’re just so cute that your kids will want to make up occasions to make them for. They’re a great Christmas craft for kids!

Christmas crafts for kids

DIY Elf Kids Craft

Need a quick kid’s craft that your kids will love putting together? Try these paper DIY elves!  Have your kids get out that construction paper, glue, and let’s make some elves!   This would also be a fun surprise for your elf to show up with if you do Elf on the Shelf at your house!

DIY Baby’s First Christmas Footprint Plate

Is this your baby’s first Christmas?  Then make sure you include him or her in the holiday fun, too!  This footprint plate you can do with them will be a beautiful treasure from their first Christmas. It’s a great Christmas craft for kids!

Want to add more meaning to your Christmas holiday? Don’t miss any of our Christmas posts!

Free Christmas Gift Tags to Color

One way to get your kids into the Christmas spirit is thinking about the gifts they get to give! These Christmas Gift Tags to Color will make those gifts extra special because you took the time to give some of yourself to make the gift beautiful. They’re a great Christmas craft for kids!

Christmas crafts for kids

Free Christmas Bookmarks to Color

Do you like to color?  These Christmas Bookmarks to color are a perfect way to get the entire family doing holiday crafts – everyone will have fun!  Boys and girls, older children and younger, they will be a hit.

And, the fun won’t end with the coloring! Everyone will use these bookmarks for quite a while to mark their places in the books they’re reading on their break from school. They’re a great Christmas craft for kids!

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Christmas crafts for kids

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