53 Non-Candy Stocking Stuffers (Best Present Ideas for Kids)

Who doesn’t love little surprises like non-candy stocking stuffers during the holiday season? Don’t get swept away in the sea of sugary treats by surprising the little ones with other present ideas like mini puzzles, small journals, or charming keychains, instead! Consider adding these delightful stocking stuffer ideas to strike the perfect balance of sweetness and thoughtful surprises.

Hey, y’all, Tiffany here with a post with some great non-candy stocking stuffers ideas your boys and girls can use this Christmas for your children’s stockings! Christmas morning in our household is a time of pure enchantment.

We love Christmas in our house. One of our favorite things to do is to wake our little people up Christmas morning and look at our stockings – it’s a Christmas family tradition. The items inside our stockings are the ones that we pretend Santa brings.

But nothing makes Christmas worse than kids who forget to eat too much candy from their stocking before breakfast and have an upset stomach or kids who are too wired to enjoy the day, even with presents spread out.

That’s why we came up with these stocking stuffer ideas that aren’t candy that you can use this Christmas to fill your kids’ stockings. We also use them as non-candy trick-or-treat ideas for the teal pumpkin project each Halloween, as well as Easter egg filler ideas whenever we have a large group Easter egg hunt.

If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for your husband, try these 12 Days of Christmas.

That’s why we came up with these fun stocking stuffers that aren’t candy that you can use this Christmas to fill your kids’ stockings. We also use them as non-candy trick-or-treat ideas for the teal pumpkin project each Halloween, as well as Easter egg filler ideas whenever we happen to have a large group Easter egg hunt.

If you’re looking for stocking stuffers for your husband, try these 12 Days of Christmas.

Imagine kids rushing to their stocking stuffers with excitement as the sun peeks through the curtains. Those little surprises inside, we owe them to the generosity of the big man himself, Santa Claus.

Now, we love this tradition to bits, but you know, balance is key. No one wants a sugar-fueled frenzy before breakfast, right? It’s all about keeping the Christmas spirit alive without the upset stomachs.

Ready for a holiday season stocking stuffer ideas that’s merry and not too sugary? Let’s do this!

50+ Christmas Stocking Stuffers That Aren’t Candy

1. Quarters, pennies, etc.

There are little treasures we often overlook – quarters, pennies, you name it. During the holiday hustle, these small coins can add up to big magic, whether it’s for a cozy cocoa fund or a surprise treat for the kids.

2. Fake coins for pretend play at home

They’re like the secret sauce for sparking the imagination in the kids. Whether they’re playing “store” or “treasure hunt,” these little pretend coins are the unsung heroes of festive fun.

3. Redeemable tickets from the parents

These are the golden passes for a bit of sanity during the holiday chaos. Picture this: “one day of play and no dishes,” or how about a “vegetable-free meal” just for a change? And let’s not forget the real MVP – a “trip with the kids to the zoo.” It’s like giving the gift of moments that matter.

4. Erasers

Little nuggets of fun add a festive touch and they’re not just for school days; think of them as playful tools for turning homework hiccups into moments of holiday cheer.

5. Stickers

Little bursts of joy bring a touch of festive flair to the season by adding a sprinkle of holiday cheer to cards, crafts, or even jazzing up those plain gift wraps.

6. Stamps

Holiday magic wands that make everything festive. Add a sprinkle of seasonal charm to cards, and crafts, or even jazz up those gift tags.

7. Puzzle pieces

Non-candy stocking stuffers are like little bits of quiet joy for some cozy family time by the fireplace. Whether you’re piecing together a holiday scene or creating a snowy masterpiece, these puzzles add an extra dash of warmth to your festive season.

8. Marbles

These little spheres of nostalgia are perfect for some good old-fashioned family fun. Whether you’re playing a classic game or starting a new holiday tradition, these marbles bring a touch of timeless joy to your festive celebrations.

9. Rings

Tiny tokens of joy, perfect for adding a bit of sparkle to the holiday. Dress up for a festive gathering or just add a touch of holiday magic with these rings, the sweetest little accessories for spreading that seasonal cheer.

10. Earrings

Little festive accents add a touch of holiday glam to any outfit for those cozy family gatherings or a virtual holiday party.

11. Bracelets

Wristfuls of holiday joy add a festive touch to any ensemble. Whether you’re dressing up for a family dinner or just adding a sprinkle of holiday cheer to your every day, these bracelets are the sweetest little accessories for spreading that seasonal magic.

12. Barbie clothes

Little outfits that bring a lot of joy to those tiny dolls. Spark some imaginative play of a festive Barbie ball or a winter adventure – because who says dolls can’t join in on the holiday fun?

13. Charms

Tiny tokens of personality, adding a sprinkle of individuality to any jewelry collection. It’s a snowflake charm for winter vibes or a tiny star to remind you of the season’s magic.

14. Temporary tattoos

Bursts of festive flair and a touch of holiday spirit without the commitment. Reindeer on your wrist or a snowflake on your cheek, these temporary tattoos are the whimsical way to wear your holiday cheer.

15. Play-Doh

Tubs of endless creativity, perfect for sparking some holiday imagination with the kids. Whether it’s shaping festive characters or crafting mini winter wonderlands, these Play-Doh are the secret ingredient for turning ordinary moments into festive fun.

16. Shells

Tiny treasures from the sea bring a touch of coastal charm. Craft beachy ornaments or add a seaside vibe to your decor, these shells are the sweetest little reminders of sunny days during the festive winter.

17. Mini bubbles

Pockets of joy add a bit of whimsy to the holiday festivities. Creating magical moments with the kids or just enjoying some simple, bubbly fun, these mini bubbles are the delightful touch your Christmas celebrations need.

18. Socks

Hugs for your feet, keeping you warm and snuggly during the holiday. Lounging by the fire or tackling the winter chill, these socks are the comfy companions your toes deserve.

19. Hair clips

Festive accessories for that holiday charm look. Style your daughter’s hair for a holiday photo or add a bit of sparkle to your own, these clips are the sweetest way to embrace the festive spirit.

20. Glow-in-the-dark stars

Pieces of the night sky turn any room into a magical wonderland. Creating a celestial scene in the kids’ room or adding a bit of starry ambiance to your own, these glow-in-the-dark stars are the twinkling touch of your holiday nights.

21. Silly putty

Squishy bundle of endless fun and creativity. Let the kids mold festive shapes or just enjoy some stress-free play, silly putty is the little touch of whimsy that adds an extra dose of cheer to the festivities.

22. Seeds for gardening

Little promises of future blooms, adding a touch of greenery and hope. Start a winter herb garden or plan for spring blossoms, these seeds are the tiny treasures that keep the spirit of growth alive.

23. Nail polish

Self-care in a bottle with a pop of festive color and a touch of glam to your holiday look. Doing a cozy DIY manicure by the fireplace, these nail polishes are the finishing touch for spreading some sparkle.

25. Hair ties

These bundles of practical joy for keeping hair in check during the holiday hustle or creating a quick, festive updo for those family photos. Juggling holiday preparations or just aiming for a comfy, stylish look, these hair ties are simple yet essential.

26. Punch balloons

Punch balloons add some playful energy to your holiday celebrations while entertaining the kids or releasing a bit of stress yourself. They turn any moment into a festive celebration.

27. Cars

Mini vehicles of imagination for some holiday kiddie adventures. Whether they’re racing through imaginary winter wonderlands or creating their mini car parade, these toy cars will keep kids busy while bringing joy to the holiday playtime.

28. Grow toys (the kind of stuff you put in water and they expand)

Watching them magically expand in water or turning it into a fun science experiment for the kids, these grow toys are the whimsical touch that brings a bit of magic.

29. Plastic insects

Critters of curiosity for the nature-inspired craft or creating your mini winter insect wonderland, these plastic insects are the quirky touch adding a dash of fun to your festive season.

30. Mini notepads

Jotting down all those holiday to-dos or doodling some festive sketches during downtime, these handy notepads for spontaneous moments of inspiration are the adorable touch that keeps you organized and ready for the season.

31. Wind-up toys

Children would be marching to their own holiday tune or sparking laughter with their playful antics, these wind-up toys are the delightful touch that brings a bit of magic to your little ones.

32. LEGOs (which would be a perfect fit with our fun LEGO activity room ideas!)

Little bricks of endless creativity and sparking imagination for your kids by building winter wonderlands and crafting festive scenes with these fun LEGO activities.

33. Plastic animals

Bringing a touch of wildlife adventure into your festive celebrations these miniature winter zoos of plastic animals are the charming addition that makes your kids a bit more wild and wonderful.

34. Army men

These tiny soldiers spark some actions to your holiday by creating epic battles with the kids and their heroes. These army men add excitement to your holiday fun.

35. Parachute men

Little daredevils floating down from the “North Pole” and creating airborne adventures with the kids, these parachute men bring a thrill to your kids.

36. Whistles

These whistles are musical merriment that creates a mini holiday concert or sparks laughter and delight to your holiday cheer.

37. Finger puppets

Start an imaginative play of holiday tales with the kids by staging a festive puppet show or simply add whimsy to your family gatherings, these finger puppets are an adorable addition to the magic.

38. Keychains

Keepsakes of holiday memories are a charm to your festive celebrations. Holding keys or adding a bit of flair to backpacks, these keychains bring joy.

39. Balloons

These balloons are like little pops of joy, adding a whimsical touch and festive fun to your holiday celebrations.

40. Dice

Roll out for board games or create impromptu game nights with the kids, these dice are little generators of family fun and excitement to your holiday celebrations.

41. Spinning top

These tops are whirlwinds of holiday joy bringing nostalgic fun and creating magical moments with the kids making them spin into laughter or sparking friendly, festive season competitions .

41. Shoelaces

Shoelaces are jazzing up sneakers or making winter boots look extra cozy. They are a charming addition to your festive fashion.

42. Beads

Turning into festive jewelry or simply doing a DIY ornament project, these beads are an artistic addition that brings a bit of imaginative fun.

43. Bouncy balls

Bounce into laughter or do impromptu games with these bouncy balls will surely bring a lot of cheerful fun to your family’s festive gathering.

44. Water beads

Water beads bring enchantment to the sensory play experience of your kids. Giving them some small bowls to scoop these little capsules of water and placing them over some Christmas lights is magic.

45. String/yarn

These strings or yarn are not just strands; they can weave a little holiday magic into your home for some cozy winter crafts, DIY ornaments, or even a homemade scarf to wrap your loved ones in warmth.

46. Stress ball

Stress balls are squishy saviors that bring mini moments of calm, ready to rescue your loved ones from holiday chaos. Squeeze away the festive frenzy and embrace a little tranquility amid the seasonal hustle.

47. Mini yoyos

Mini yoyos are pint-sized delights that bring a dash of playfulness and little moments of joy on a string, turning even the simplest flick of the wrist into a festive adventure.

48. Crayons

Meet the unsung heroes of creativity: crayons, the colorful companions that turn ordinary paper into a canvas of imagination. Doodling holiday scenes or creating masterpieces, these wax wonders add a vibrant touch to the season’s artistic endeavors.

49. Markers

Adding flair to homemade cards or doodling winter wonderland with these markers which are more than just tools; they’re the magic.

50. Hair bows

Adorn your little one’s hair with the sweet charm of holiday cheer – hair bows that effortlessly capture the festive spirit.

51. Earphones

Adding flair to homemade cards or doodling their winter wonderland, these markers are great ideas for stocking stuffers, they’re the magic wands that bring artistic visions to life.

52. Fidget spinners/cubes

Keep the holiday jitters at bay with these fidget spinners – tiny stress-busters that fit snugly into stockings and hands alike.

53. Polished rocks

Polished rocks are unique stocking stuffers that capture the beauty of the outdoors and bring wonder to your festive celebrations reminding us to appreciate the simple, natural joys of the season.

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