Easter Egg Hunt Tips and Ideas for Groups and Large Families

Easter is coming up! That means it’s time for Easter egg hunts! Here are some tips on how to have a PERFECT Easter egg hunt!

Easter egg hunts are a lot of fun in our family, although we choose not do do the Easter bunny the way we don’t do Santa. We have a lot of fun searching for the eggs!

We’ve also had our fair share of tears because someone got too many eggs. We’ve also lost an egg or two that wasn’t found until the following year – whoops!

Have a Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

So to help you out, we’re sharing some of the things we’ve learned over the years about how to have a perfect Easter egg hunt.

Change the day of your Easter egg hunt

We enjoy going to church on Easter Sunday, and sometimes the hunt can take away from that.  We like to do our Easter egg hunt on Saturday instead so that Sunday we can focus on the true meaning of Easter.

If you’re like us and like to focus on the Savior, then you may like this Christ-centered Easter egg hunt to do on Sunday.

Don’t use grass in the Easter baskets

We use tissue paper instead of grass in the baskets.  We hate the mess grass makes, and when they’re on a hunt, it just gets dragged all over the house!

Plus, the tissue paper can be repurposed for gift bags, or it can be used again next year!

Easter egg color assignments.

One of the biggest problems with Easter egg hunts is that some children will find more eggs than others, and that always ends in tears.

In our home, we assign different color egg for each child.  If they find an egg that isn’t their color, they just move along and keep searching.  It allows us to hide the younger children’s eggs in easier spots without the older children taking them all first.

Divide the labor (and locations)

We usually have the kids hide eggs for each other!  We divide up the house into zones, and let a few kids hide eggs in each zone for other kids.

The great part is that we only have to help the younger kids hide eggs for the older kids……and make sure the older kids aren’t hiding the eggs in spots that are too difficult for the younger kids.

Recycle the Easter eggs

Unless a plastic egg is completely cracked, save it for next year!  Save yourself some time and hassle by not having to go to the store after more eggs.

We also use many of the recycled eggs for egg hunts we do with our homeschool associations.

Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Make some rules.

There should always be some guidelines for the hunt.  Things like “no one opens eggs until the hunt is over” or “don’t tell another kid where their egg is unless they ask.”  Otherwise some kids might spoil the hunt for the other kids.

Make sure you talk about these rules before the egg hunt actually begins! That way their brains can process and retain the information.

Don’t only hide candy.

Nothing makes a candy holiday worse than kids who eat too much and have an upset stomach or are too wired.  We like to hide items other than candy in the eggs.  Here are some of our favorite non-candy items to hide (depending on age, of course), along with links to where you can purchase some:

Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Bonus tip for a perfect Easter egg hunt for large groups

Our homeschool association has around 300 families in it – that’s about 700 kids! It makes for a somewhat chaotic egg hunt, especially since it’s all run by volunteers!

However, we’ve got it down to a science! Here’s how to have a perfect Easter egg hunt with a large group of children.

First, have the parents fill 10 eggs per child. Then, label each egg with the number 1 through 10.

Eggs are to be dropped off at one person’s house before the event. Then the that person goes with volunteers (or the teens and tweens groups) to “hide” the eggs at a park or field.

When the kids are released to start the Easter egg hunt, they are only allowed to get 10 eggs, and the eggs have to each have a different number! So if the kid finds an egg with the number 3, they can’t pick up another egg that also has a 3.

This way the hunt lasts a little longer, and everyone gets a fair amount of eggs. The eggs are filled with different, fun items, but no one gets left out.

It also encourages children to help each other when they find an egg with a number they have already found. You will often hear a child shouting, “Anyone need a #4?” since they’ve already gotten that egg.

We love doing these hunts with our homeschool association because it’s all fun and no tears!

What makes Easter egg hunts easier for your family?

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How to have the best Easter egg hunt

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