Easter is coming up! That means it’s time for Easter egg hunts! Here are some tips on how to have a PERFECT Easter egg hunt!

Change the day of your Easter egg hunt

If Easter Sunday seems really busy, have your hunt on Saturday instead.



Don’t use grass in the Easter baskets

Grass makes a huge mess!  Try using something else, like tissue paper.


Easter egg color assignments

Instead of your hunt being a free-for-all, assign each kid their own color of egg. That way, there's no fighting.  Older kids' eggs can be hidden in more difficult spots, and they won't just take all the easy ones.



Divide the labor (and locations)

Have the kids hide eggs for each other!  Then sit back and relax.



Reuse Easter eggs

Unless a plastic egg is completely cracked, save it for next year!  Save yourself some time and hassle by not having to go to the store after more eggs.


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