Staycation Ideas for Spring Break

Spring break is just around the corner! If you’re trying to live a frugal lifestyle and can’t spend a fortune on a vacation (or you just don’t want to), here are fun and unique ideas for a staycation over spring break!

Staying home for spring break this year? Check out these fun spring break staycation ideas!

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Unique Spring Break Staycation Ideas

Go to a stream

If you don’t live somewhere with a river or stream in your backyard, then your children are going to love spending the day at one!  Wading, tadpoles, and exploring nature are all part of the magic of rushing water.  If you’re feeling brave, you could even go to a river and try fishing with the kids!

Go to the beach

If you live somewhere with an ocean nearby (or even a few hours away), then you should head to the beach!  Depending on where the beach is located (a warmer climate like Florida or a cooler climate like Oregon), you may end up swimming, playing in the sand, or exploring.  Be sure to dress appropriately and bring the right toys!

Chuck E. Cheese

One place where “a kid can be a kid” is Chuck E. Cheese.  If you don’t have one near you, or it’s out of your price range, then look around for an indoor playground, bounce houses, or a nickel arcade.  Any place with some food and some games can lead to hours of fun! It’s a great unique spring break staycation idea!

House swap with a buddy

Do you live in the city with friends in the country?  Or maybe the reverse?  See if your friends would be willing to house swap with you for a week!  It would put you near activities that you may not get to do very often, and being a new place will feel like vacation for you and your kids without the cost of lodging.  (If you’re worried about having a clean house for your friend to stay in, choose a family who won’t care!)

It’s a great unique spring break staycation idea!

Unique Spring Break Staycation Ideas

Groupon Activities

If you want to do something new and different without the high price tag that goes with most activities (that your kids may not even end up enjoying), then check out what Groupon has to offer!  You may even find out about places that you never even knew were near you! It’s a great unique spring break staycation idea!

Unique Spring Break Staycation Ideas

Volunteer Opportunities for Unique Spring Break Staycation Ideas

The best way to increase your happiness is to bring happiness to others.  Do some research and see what volunteer opportunities are in your area that your children can help with.  If you aren’t sure where to begin, check out the website/app Just Serve.  They have lists of local needs in many locations!

Unique Spring Break Staycation Ideas

Camp in the backyard or living room

Sometimes camping is diffiicult, especially with younger children.  (And let’s face it, when you start aging, your back just doesn’t feel the same after sleeping on the hard ground.)  By setting up the tent in the backyard (or in the living room), your kids can get the fun of a campout without the effort of actually going to a campground.

And you can always sneak back into your bed after the kids all fall asleep! It’s a great unique spring break staycation idea! You can also add to the fun with these 40 tin foil dinner recipes and these 35 Camping Activities and Crafts for Kids.

Unique Spring Break Staycation Ideas

One-night hotel stay

You may not be able to afford taking a big trip, but you might be able afford to take the kids to a hotel for a night.  Even if all you do is watch TV and order takeout, it’s so much more fun doing it outside of your own home (for the kids, at least!).

Try to find a hotel with an indoor pool in case your kids have more energy than a hotel room can contain! It’s a great unique spring break staycation idea!

Unique Spring Break Staycation Ideas

Do these crafts and printables for Unique Spring Break Staycation Ideas

Weather in the spring can be extremely unpredictable.  You may have envisioned taking your kids on bike rides or to the park during your week off. But what if it rains?  Or worse, snows?  (Yes, this does happen in some places!)  If you need a backup plan, this list of crafts and printables makes for a great backup!

Pin These Unique Spring Break Staycation Ideas

Whether you do any (or all) of these unique spring break staycation ideas, having a plan is the key! Have fun and making the most of spring break with your kids home from school!

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