50+ Non-Candy Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

Who doesn't love little surprises like non-candy stocking stuffers during the holiday season? Don't get swept away in the sea of sugary treats by surprising the little ones with other present ideas like mini puzzles, small journals, or charming keychains, instead!

Temporary Tattoos.

Kids love temporary tattoos!  Offer a selection of vibrant temporary tattoos as a creative and non-candy treat that kids can enjoy adorning themselves with.

Holiday earrings

Older children, tweens, and teens will love getting festive holiday earrings in their stockings as an alternative to candy and treats.

Hair Clips, Bows, and Scrunchies

A stylish alternative to candy, hair clips and scrunchies add a touch of fashion flair to Christmas stockings, and make the fun last long after any candy is eaten.

Festive balloons

Younger kids will love having balloons in their stockings!  This easy non-candy stocking stuffer will provide hours of entertainment over the long winter break days cooped up in the house from cold weather.

Bouncy balls

Perfect for kids of all ages - bouncing rubber balls are a great way to fill a child's stocking.  They come in all sizes and make for hours of fun!


Provide novelty stickers with fun shapes or themes to make decorating water bottles or school supplies, which can help make homework at least somewhat enjoyable.

Nail Polish

For older children, miniature nail polish bottles can be a trendy and age-appropriate Christmas stocking stuffer surprise.  Even younger children might enjoy it!

Water Grow Toys

Give out water grow toys that expand when soaked, offering a fun science experiment and a unique, non-candy surprise for kids to find in their stockings.

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