3 Tips for a Successful Sacrament Meeting at Home + Free Printable

To help make Sundays go more smoothly, we’ve created this simple free printable to help you schedule out your own sacrament meeting at home to go along with Come Follow Me, published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Hey y’all, it’s been a crazy week, hasn’t it?

Many of you are out of school and are searching desperately for ways to do school at home for your kids.  (Check out our huge list of free resources here with a free printable schedule..)

A lot of you are also trying to figure out how to make Sundays at home a positive experience for your families.  It’s not going to be easy, having church and school all be cancelled.

Having Sacrament Meeting at Home

To help make Sundays go more smoothly, we’ve created this simple free printable to help you schedule out your own sacrament meeting at home.

For many areas, how you do sacrament will vary based on the direction of your local leaders.  In our area, for example, our bishops are organizing how to get the sacrament to everyone once per month.

To be very clear, you should not be blessing and passing the sacrament in your own without explicit direction from your local priesthood authorities.

In our case, we will simply skip over the part where we bless and pass the sacrament.  We can, however, read the sacrament prayers as a family from the scriptures and talk about the symbolism to help us remember our covenants.

Three Tips for a Smooth Sacrament Meeting at Home with Kids

In addition to the free printable, we also have three tips to help you have a successful sacrament meeting at home.

Tip #1

Set aside a specific time to have your Sunday home sacrament meeting program.  Scheduling is so important, especially right now.

Having a certain time makes it easier to have a structured day, which children desperately need.  It also helps you make sure it actually happens!  Have a proactive plan that you set as a goal, and try your best to make it special.

Make sure you choose a time that works best for your family; don’t try to continue with the same time your regular church hours are.  For example, don’t try to hold sacrament right before lunchtime or you’ll have hangry children (and parents!) to deal with.

sacrament meeting at home

Tip #2

Create a sacred space for your Sacrament meeting at home.

The Sabbath day is supposed to be set apart from the rest of the world.  Similarly, worshipping as a family should be set apart from the rest of your daily routine.  Since we can’t physically leave to go to church, set up an area where, as a family, you can make about this Savior.’

We like to use our living room or our homeschool room.

We don’t have the extra space (like an extra room) to do this in, but we can set aside an area and make it sacred.  For example, is it clean and free of clutter?  Are toys and other distractions put away?  Are there items you can bring out, like a picture of the Savior?

Then at the end of your program, you can put some of those items away and use the space how you normally do.

Tip #3

Have an organized plan for your sacrament meeting at home.

Whether or not you use our free printed program, you should have an organized routine for how you want your sacrament meeting to go.  You should always begin and end with a prayer.  Having at least one hymn at the beginning will always bring in the Spirit.

Our daily Come Follow Me Devotionals always come with a list of unique activities you can do each Sunday. These Sunday ideas fit right in with the Come, Follow Me principles that you’ve been studying throughout the week.

Some other ideas to add to your home sacrament meeting program are:

  • Let children practice writing and giving short talks (like they might in Primary).  Our six year old even teaches a short lesson sometimes!  (With help from parents.)
  • Memorize a scripture verse or Article of Faith
  • Share special moments you had during the week where you felt the Spirit (even though you might be getting cabin fever!)
  • Learn a special musical number to perform for the family
  • Create special Sunday meeting journals to write down feelings and impressions (or draw them, for younger children) during your home program
sacrament meeting at home

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sacrament meeting at home

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