Free Printable Frugal Candy Bar Gift Tags for Husbands

A frugal gift using candy bars for the man in your life. The perfect gift tags for a husband or boyfriend for Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or birthday.

Whether it’s Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or Christmas, sometimes we need a frugal gift for our husbands.

Hey y’all, Tiffany here

When Phillip and I were first married, we were poor. My Crohn’s disease was really severe, and, I spent more time in the hospital than out. Just one ER visit cost as much as a week’s pay for Phillip, who was working full-time and doing his senior year of undergrad full-time, too.

We were just babies.

Phillip spent a lot of time taking care of me (helping me shower, changing my feeding tube formula, sleeping on a hospital chair). His birthday is also on Valentine’s Day, and I really, really wanted to get him something meaningful.

One of my sisters sent me an idea about how different candy bars can be like the man you want to marry, and I adapted it into sweet notes to go along with each candy bar as a frugal gift for my husband.

It’s been over a decade since I gifted these candy bar notes to my husband, but we still remember and cherish them.

Side note: see how much my weight yo-yo’d? Those pictures were only a couple of months apart. I still struggle with shameful body image feelings when I look in the mirror and at pictures of myself.

But I wanted to share these candy bar ideas with you as a frugal gift you can give your husband for a special occasion.

These candy bars aren’t only a fun present for your boyfriend, fiance, or husband, but they can point out the special relationship the two of you share.

I’ve listed out the special meaning behind each candy bar, then provided a free printable to go with each.

Enjoy your special day!

And if you’re looking for a frugal gift idea for a wife, here is a free printable gift tag to go with a book, bath, and box of chocolates.

Frugal Candy Bar Gift for Husbands

Here’s the meaning for each candy bar. (You can click on each candy’s name to quickly purchase it on Amazon.)


From the beginning, God intended us to be a Twix: two bars, but united in one package.

Hot Tamale

You make me feel like a hot tamale every time you look at me.

Big Hunk

A Big Hunk for my big hunk.


I’m glad you’re not an Airhead.

Baby Ruth

I will always be your Baby Ruth, and you will be my Boaz. We will fight for each other and have each others’ backs.

Ring Pop

Thanks for putting a Ring (Pop) on it.


Thanks for all the laughs and Snickers we have together.

You could also make these Snickers cookies for him instead.


I will always love U and NO other. (And if you can’t find this candy bar, switch it out with a new Uno game for date night.)

Rocky Road

Sometimes our life together is a Rocky Road, but it’s still sweet to me.


Every day with you is a Payday…..

100 Grand

…and every night is worth 100 Grand.

3 Musketeers

Our marriage is like the 3 Musketeers: you, me and God.

For more about this concept, read our post about What to Do When Your Spouse Hurts Your Feelings.

Free Printable Candy Bar Cards

Here are some cute printable cards you can attach to your frugal candy bar gift for your husband.

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