Improve Your Finances Watching Netflix!

Do you have goals for a more frugal lifestyle? Improve your finances while you binge watch Netflix or other television shows! These thrifty tips and tricks that you can do from the couch while watching TV will help you update your budget and fix your money troubles.


You can actually improve your finances while watching Netflix!


Get Your Finances in Order

This isn’t necessarily a way to make money, but any time you are doing anything with money, you should make sure you have your financial health stable.

Here are some ideas on things you can do while watching Netflix to organize your finances and improve your spending habits:

  • Balance your budget (or set up a budget with the World’s Easiest Budget + FREE Printable! or 9 Simple & Different Budgeting Methods)
  • Email your utility companies to see if you can negotiate a discount
  • Research less expensive communication plans (cell phone, internet, TV, etc.)
  • Order your credit report and make sure it matches your records with regards to credit card balances, loans, etc.
  • Write down all of your usernames and passwords for your financial accounts
  • Look at your retirement plan and determine if you are saving enough with this calculator
  • Set up a monthly meal plan and set up a $42 weekly grocery budget
  • Sell your “junk” online – any clutter that you have and are saving for a garage sale, just list it on Ebay or Facebook

Use Swagbucks to improve your finances watching Netflix

Swagbucks gets it’s own category because it has so many of the items on this list!  (Although the other websites have a variety of ways to earn points as well, no one else does it quite like Swagbucks.)

You earn points (called Swagbucks) for taking surveys, watching videos, searching on their search engine, and more!  You can then exchange those points for free gift cards, prizes, and more.

Download Apps

Several apps give you sign-up bonuses, as well has help you earn money.  Here are some of our favorites:


One way to start saving now is using the Acorns app, which is like a digital way of saving your spare change.  Each time you make a purchase on your credit or debit card, it will round up the amount to the next whole number and invest that money.  It actually adds up pretty quickly!


Ibotta is a rebate app where you upload your receipt from your grocery trips and receive money back.  You can receive your rewards when you reach $20, and you can either cash out to Paypal/Venmo or receive gift cards for the same amount.

We received over $200 in Ibotta rewards in 2018!  If you download the app HERE or use our code uottmxp then you can get an extra $10 when you redeem your first rebate!  (Exclusions apply, see app for details.)


Ebates is an online rewards program that has an extension that will automatically apply promo codes when you shop online to help you save.  It then also gives you a certain percentage cash back when you make purchases through them.

Once per quarter they deposit the money you’ve earned into your account!  We then turn around and buy gift cards with this extra money.  We usually get about $5-$10 per quarter, or $30 per year from Ebates.

GO HERE to sign up for Ebates and improve your finances while watching Netflix!


 Get started with a FREE stock from Robinhood!! This is a free app that allows you to buy and sell stocks without charge! The free stock you can get will be for Visa, Microsoft, GE, Ford, or more!!

I (Phillip) personally have been using this app for about two years now, and I can tell you it’s legit. I’ve never had an issue with my identity or anything, and I’ve learned a lot about stocks without having to invest tons of money or be crazy about watching them.


VeryDice is a new app where you roll dice for free, earn tickets based on the rolls, and exchange those tickets for items you can purchase on Amazon!

You could choose to buy rolls if you really want, but we don’t recommend it.  Instead, just open the app once a day to spin a wheel that gives you a certain number of free rolls.

Within our first two weeks of using VeryDice, and we earned enough tickets to “purchase” a Christmas toy that is normally $10 on Amazon!  On average, we earn $50 worth of prizes with VeryDice each year.  If you want to get the app, then use our friend code 961160 to get an extra 50 rolls to start with!


Dosh is a cash-back app that is kind of a combination of Ibotta and Ebates or Swagbucks.  You get cash-back on purchases like Ebates or Swagbucks, but it works for in-store purchases like Ibotta does as well!.

You don’t even have to upload pictures of receipts!  Just link your debit or credit card (or even a pre-paid card with $0 balance) to Dosh and get a FREE $5.  Then each time you make a qualifying purchase with your regular card, you get cash back that you can cash out to Paypal!

Take Surveys to improve your finances while watching Netflix

There are several websites that allow you to earn money by taking surveys!  You can take them while watching Netflix and improve your finances!

Here are some of our favorites:

Online Shopping

Okay, we know that this is technically spending money, not earning it.  BUT there are some awesome sites like Ebates and Swagbucks that give you cash back for shopping online!

Also, join this Facebook group to get deals on Amazon for name-brand items that are cheaper than Target or Walmart, and it’s a great way to improve your finances while watching Netflix

If you have to buy something online anyway, you might as well get money back for it!  Ebates is our favorite way to get cash back on our online purchases.

improve finances watching netflix


We have a treadmill at our home that has this attachment so we can use our laptops while we’re walking/running.  It makes it much easier to multi-task!  We can work while we exercise, which allows us to improve our finances while watching Netflix

We then linked our fitness tracking apps to Achievement, and we earn points for every entry (weight, food, exercise, etc.).  Once you reach a certain number of points, you get a $10 reward.

You can also sign up to be rewarded for reaching health goals with HealthyWage.

improve finances watching netflix

Watch Commercials on Mute to Improve Your Finances while Watching Netflix

Each of these apps has a way to watch commercials and TV shows to earn money!  We usually just mute these and put them on in the background. It’s a great way to improve your finances while watching Netflix.

  • Inbox Dollars
    • You also earn money just by reading emails!
    • Perk also has apps to earn money for quizzes, word games, and more!
  • Hit Bliss
  • Global Test Market
improve finances watching netflix

Passive Income

Find a way to set up passive income to improve your finances while watching Netflix!

Passive income is money that can be earned, even when you’re not actively working.  For example, renting out your house is passive income.  Blogging can also be passive income.

If you have a craft or a talent that you are good at, consider setting up an Etsy shop and then creating your talent while you watch TV.

Netflix Tagger to Improve Your Finances

Did you know that Netflix itself pays people to watch?  Check out their jobs listings!

Note: they may not always be hiring.

An earlier version of this post on improving finances while watching Netflix Tiffany wrote can be found on The Crazy Shopping Cart

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