My Essential Homeschool Room Organization Tips for Parents on a Budget

Are you looking for ideas for homeschool room organization, or even just a room where your kids can do their homework and read books? Check out these tips and learn from this homeschooling family how to organize a homeschool room and office on a budget!

As you probably know, we decided to homeschool a couple of years ago. It wasn’t an easy decision, and we made a lot of mistakes at first.

From the time we began homeschooling, our homeschool learning space turned into a disaster when I, a homeschool mom, was pregnant with our third kiddo. We had been so busy with extracurriculars last school year that there just wasn’t much time to straighten up the homeschool room after school each day. Couple that with spontaneous crafts, and it looked something like this:


At least, our dedicated homeschool room had books on the shelves, even if they were a wreck, right? But since I blog and homeschool, it’s really hard to keep up with when my energy is low due to pregnancy.

But eventually, I broke down. I just had to organize our homeschool room as our own space, but there was no time, and I was grappling with homeschool organization ideas. And then COVID hit, and we were stuck at home. There was suddenly plenty of time, and I was stuck looking at the mess in our homeschool classroom.

Now our homeschooling space looks so much better!

We love how it feels in there right now!! Here’s where we got everything and why we chose it. (And don’t worry, we like to homeschool on a budget, so this wasn’t super expensive!)


Organize Your Desks

Now our homeschooling space looks so much better!

We love how it feels in there right now!! Here’s where we got everything and why we chose it. (And don’t worry, we like to homeschool on a budget, so this wasn’t super expensive!)

Organize Your Desks

I love how much storage space these desks have in our organized homeschool room! If you can’t tell from the picture, there are also cubbies underneath the desk in the back to hold school supplies and other homeschool materials.

We got the Hollow Core 12 Cubicle Writing Desks from Wayfair where we also bought our kitchen table. They’re affordable, and they’re also extremely sturdy just like our dining room table. Our 3 year old son walks across from his side to his sister’s side all the time. The only thing I’m not a fan of our homeschool space is the small gap in-between the two desks, where art supplies, pencils and pens tend to meet their demise. We need to turn this gap into functional space.

If you have a bunch of old crayons and other supplies that you’re finding as you organize your homeschool room, you should take a look at this cute way to do some Crayon Recycling which you will absolutely love.


The cubbies themselves are also a bit of an odd size, so it was extremely difficult to find bins with lids that would fit in this dedicated space. I finally found these EZOWare Storage Bins with Lids on Amazon, and they’ve worked great and fit perfectly into my homeschool room ideas! It was a great idea to whip up my labels and attach them with Velcro to the bins.

Bookshelves in a Homeschool Room

Believe it or not, these bookshelves are not built in!  Phillip put them together himself! We needed a place to organize our books for the homeschool room.

Our ceilings are a big high, and we wanted to make the most of the space.  We purchased these Billy Bookcases at Ikea (there are several heights to choose from).  If you need to make them taller, they also have these great extensions.

Phillip installed build the shelves and anchored them to the walls with about 3 inches of space in between each.  He then purchased wood to fill in the gaps and caulked and painted it so it would have a finished, built-in look.  Before installing, he removed the baseboards and reattached them to the bottom.

If you want to do these yourself, check out our step-by-step instructions for IKEA bookcases that look built-in.

Seating for a Homeschool Room

Our homeschool room has many seating options and extra space, and we never run out of creative ideas to organize it, depending on what we’re doing. It helps keep our homeschool room stay organized.

The rocking chair in the corner was a gift from some very dear friends who lived across the hall from me in my first apartment. They are about the same age as my grandparents, and the rocking chair belonged to her mother. I was extremely touched when she decided to give it to me. This is a perfect piece for our quiet space.


The chairs are ones that someone in our neighborhood was giving away for free. That’s the best kind to get! The globe was Phillip’s father’s when Phillip was a kid.  He drove it from Washington to Utah for us.

When I sit on the rocking chair to teach science to my children or to read aloud, the kids sit on these bean bag chairs from Wayfair. They’ve held up well so far, even with our son jumping from the desk onto them.

While you’re organizing, you may also like this DIY LEGO table to organize your LEGOs by color!

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