13 Free Sight Words Games and Activities

Help your child learn to read with these free sight words games and activities that kids will love! Much more fun than just memorizing lists.

Hey y’all, Tiffany here with some free sight words games and activities your kids are sure to love!

Our kids love reading. It’s something that we try hard to cultivate in our home. Each of the kids learned how to read using BOB books and sight words, with practice every day tracked by fun reading charts.

Since we made the decision to homeschool, our kids have the freedom to progress as quickly as they’d like or as slowly as they need. We have a lot of flexibility in how that learning occurs as well.

My children are movers – they like to be up and moving around. The only time they sit still is when they are focused on their LEGO activities!

This means that I spend a lot of timing coming up with activities and games that are educational for the kids. They also watch a lot of educational TV shows to learn science, history, and more.

When they use games and activities to learn how to read, even when it’s as simple as these sight word coloring pages, it helps solidify that learning in their brains. They are more willing to do school, and they get a thrill when they recognize words during reading time.

Hopefully this list will also help your child on their quest for more knowledge! You can use these Fry’s First 100 Sight Words or sight words for 3 year olds for these games and activities to help them learn how to read.

And if you’re really anxious about helping your kids learn, check out this post on 3 Ways to Turn Video Game Playtime into Video Game Learning Time.

Free Sight Words Games and Activities

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