Kids Crafts and Free Printables About Circles

Here is a roundup of free printables and crafts for kids that have to do with circles. These crafts and free printables about circles are perfect for kindergarten or preschool!

Hey y’all, Tiffany here with some great crafts and free printables for kids about circles!

As you know, we homeschool our kids. When the kids are about three years old, I like to start them on the Peaceful Preschool curriculum.

The Peaceful Preschool is a 26-week course that gently introduces the children to letters and numbers, focusing on one letter each week. Check out our post with 14 Letter A Kids Crafts and Printables.

Then when they are four years old, we start The Good and The Beautiful, which takes what they’ve learned about letters and numbers and guides them towards reading.

(We also use The Good and the Beautiful for elementary school).

Sometimes I need extra material for my preschool-age kids, however, when I’m trying to teach the older kids and need to have fewer interruptions.

I decided I wanted to have my kids focus on both their letters and their shapes, which is why I want to dedicate several blog posts about these topics.

This blog post is a roundup of a bunch of crafts and free printables for kids that have to do with circles. It’s perfect for preschool-age kids, or even kindergarteners!

If you want your kids to learn more about circles and shapes, check out these Playdough Shape Cards and these books about shapes.

Crafts and Free Printables About Circles for Kids

You should also check out these adorable tissue paper crafts for kids.

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