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This free printable budget is the world’s easiest and best way to get your finances set up. It’s a simple budget that can be customized for any age or income level.

As you may be aware, a while ago went from 2 kids to 7 overnight and have learned a lot about how to save money with seven kids.

We knew there would be struggles in managing the family budget that would come from having 5 children from another family in our home for most of the day (they come before breakfast and leave after dinner, although 4 of them are in school). After all, Tiffany is the oldest of 10 children, 4 of whom were adopted out of foster care.

But what we didn’t anticipate was the needs of their father as well. It’s why we had to develop a free easy printable personal budget to save money and set up our savings goals.

Why we need an easy free printable personal budget

First, let us say that he is one of the most incredible men our family has ever met.

He works full-time in a low-monthly basis income job, and he loves his children dearly. It has been difficult for him to ask for our help during work hours so he can keep them safe from their mother.

We’re trying to help him gain a firmer foothold in life (new living situation away from the mother, nearer employment for less commute, etc.).

Y’all…..we can’t even begin to describe how very different their lives are from ours.

The kids didn’t know what a blog was. They didn’t have a computer in their home at all, let alone the internet. The idea of a free printable personal budget, especially using a free printable monthly budget worksheet, wasn’t something that occurred to them.

The father (who has been wise enough to avoid any debt and thereby avoided one of the common financial freedom mistakes) has never made a personal budget before. He’s never even seen a resume, let alone know what one is to write one.

He’d never even performed a Google search on a computer before to check his savings accounts. He had no idea how to click on the links in the results to get to where he needed to be.

And this is in a first-world country.

With all of those hindrances, we were constantly amazed by everything he had accomplished!

But before you think we’ve put the wrong title on this post, let’s recap:  no internet, no computer, no household budget template experience.

How, then, is he supposed to budget his monthly expenses or set up his budgeting process? With his actual income, it’s not like he could afford to go buy one of these awesome budgeting planners.

Get the free printable budget templates

To help with that, we created a free monthly budget planner or worksheet, extremely easy printable budget that can be customized to the most simple or most detailed spending habits. There are three different blank pages included that can be used to help you manage your personal finances.

Page 1 – Monthly Budget Accounting (12 per year)

Each month, you will want to compare the amount you budgeted for each category with the amount spent. You should print this free printable budget worksheets or a monthly budget planner for each month.

This will help you make any needed adjustments for the following month, as well as recognize any patterns you may have in overspending or places where you could save more money.

Here are some of the budget categories you’ll want to include in your easy printable free budget worksheet:

  • Rent/mortgage
  • Utility bills
  • Gasoline
  • Car payment
  • Needs
  • Clothing
  • Wants
  • Groceries
  • Eating out
Free Easy Printable Budget

Page 2 — Yearly Tracking

Some categories only have one expense per month, such as rent/mortgage. In these cases, you will not need to track leftover amounts in the budget, since they are typically a fixed amount.

You can track the entire year’s mortgage on this page of our free easy printable budget instead of printing an entire page for just one expense. Print one of these pages for each category that is only paid once per month.

Examples of these include:

  • Mortgage
  • Rent
  • Electric bill
  • Water bill
  • Gas bill
  • Other utilities
  • Car payment

Page 3 — Monthly Tracking (12 per category per year)

Look at how many categories you have that are not yearly categories. There are different categories of budget printables. Every category in the free budget template that did not get a page 2 printout. Print one page per category every month.

At the top of this easy free printable budget worksheet, there is space to put the starting balance for that category. Every time you make a purchase or bill payment, enter the household expenses and calculate the new balance remaining in the category’s allotted budget.

You can download this budget HERE.

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